Apple iPhone 8- Rumors, Release Date, Price, Specs and Pictures


The iPhone 8 is here. Well, almost, and it is just too big to keep calm. But what we can definitely do is help you take a look at a round up of rumors about the iPhone 8.

There’s a ton to know, and hopefully, all your questions will be answered here. So, here’s all that we know and all that you need to know about Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8.

Right from the time when the first rumor popped up about the iPhone 8’s display being a bezel-less one, the hype was created then and there. Or since the smartphone is an iPhone, did it need the hype at all? Does the talking all by itself, doesn’t it? And now with several months having passed by since the first rumor, here’s what matters the most, scrapping all the unrealistic rumors and narrowing it down to what is.

Rumors- The ones that might just be

While there have been plenty of rumors, some believable, while others over the top, the one that finally seems to be catching on is that the iPhone 8 will have an enlarged and elongated 5.8-inch display. The display is said to have a cutout on top, which will house the sensors and the front facing camera.

A few weeks ago, a report on the design had come out that stated the iPhone 8 to be smartphone unlike any other iPhones to have been released by the company. The rear body has a vertical dual rear camera setup, which based on rumors suggests that Apple would be focusing on not just stunning photography, but also to get the Augmented Reality feature up and going. The two camera sensors on the back that can be seen are expected to enhance your photos, much like the ones they do on any other dual rear camera set up. Rumors suggest that the cameras that are aligned horizontally are usually more effective. It is also being rumored that the landscape orientation is the best possible way to get the best out of the horizontally aligned sensors.

On the bottom, the iPhone 8, much like the iPhone 7 that drowned the headphone jack, will go by the design language and skip the jack. The charging port will be the lightning port, as seen on the current generation iPhone 7, and will not feature the USB Type-C, that has recently caught on trend on the MacBook.

But what seems to be keeping the mystery on is the Touch ID embedded on to the physical home button. Though there have been several rumors that say that it will have it, or not, there isn’t a confirmed report regarding the same. However, the rumors had earlier suggested that the physical home button will not be seen in the iPhone 8, with the Touch ID being merged on to the display, or perhaps embedded in the power button.

While the secrecy has been maintained on the Touch ID front, there are other few features that have been left in the dark, which includes information like the battery capacity, the A11 chipset’s performance in comparison to the one that powers the iPhone 7, and the Moby Dick of information, the pricing.

While it would be too early to predict or know anything about the above said features/information, it is to be noted that with just hardly a few weeks for the official launch, we just might be able to know what the iPhone 8 may or may not include


While none of this has been officially confirmed, given below are the rumored specs that the iPhone 8 will house under the body.

  • Display- 5.8-inches OLED Display
  • Processor- Apple A11 Quad-Core Chipset (3GB RAM)
  • Camera- 16MP dual lens camera (Rear) and an 8MP camera (Front)
  • Battery- 2700mAh to 3000mAh
  • Colors- Jet Black, Gold, Royal Blue, Black, Silver and Rose Gold
  • Fingerprint sensor- Yes
  • Storage- 64GB, 128GB and 256GB
  • Water Resistance- IP68

Release Date

Yes. As expected from the company in the previous years, while the official launch is expected to commence in September, it is yet to be officially announced the launch of the smartphone next month. But considering Apple’s practice of launching an iPhone every September, this year, we could well expect the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus to reach first.

The iPhone 8, however, based on rumors, may not be launched with the younger, as of late, several reports seem to be suggesting that there could possibly be delays in production, thus pushing the shipping and distribution to sometime in November or December.


The iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7s, which are both expected to launch next month, are believed to be priced in the same range as the iPhone 7, which is $649 and $769, respectively.

With no information regarding the iPhone 8, what we believe is that the company would launch the newest entry into their smartphone line up with a hefty price tag of over $1000.




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