AMD Radeon RX Vega GPUs supply problems are not because of cryptocurrency miners


Supply problems of RX Vega GPUs were not because of cryptocurrency miners (especially Ethereum), and there are better graphics cards for a lower price which are better for mining cryptocurrencies.

Supply problems of VEGA are normal!

The cryptocurrency mining (mostly Ethereum) craze has caused GPU prices to skyrocket, with used RX 480s going above $350. NVIDIA GPUs also skyrocketed in price, particularly the GTX 1060 and 1070.

RX Vega 64 was launched last week, and on NewEgg, you could see the GPUs selling for $500, but just a day later NO GPUs were in stock, and the prices hiked by $100. People blame cryptocurrency miners (specially Ethereum), but they are not to be blamed.

When the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 were launched, it was nearly impossible to find the GPUs anything close to the MSRP for months. This type of supply problem is normal when a high-demand product launch happens.

VEGA isn’t that good at mining

There were rumours and claims of RX Vega doing 70-100 MH/s in Ethereum Mining. But here’s a benchmark, and the mining performance is not impressive. (source of benchmark – PCGamer)

Yes, we can see the RX Vega 64 is better than the GTX 1070 and has the best hashrate. But you see, the power consumption of VEGA GPUs are far higher than other GPUs. Mining needs a lot of electricity, and mining with a RX Vega GPU would be far less profitable than other GPUs.

6x GTX 1060 6GB GPUs can easily run on a good 800-1000W PSU.

6x RX 570/580 GPUs run great on a 1000-1200W PSU.

But the VEGA 64 draws 275W per GPU. 6x VEGA 64 GPUs means you’ll need a 2000W PSU, or run five of them on a 1500W one.

Image source:- Cryptos R US GPU Mining Article


In conclusion, you’ll have to be patient if you’d like to get a VEGA GPU. Wait a couple of weeks and VEGA GPUs will be in stock.





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