Best Social Media Management Tools 2019


Social media presence is one of the most important things nowadays. Every business has to invest in social media just because that will bring a lot of customers, expand the market and improve brand awareness. However, there are many different social media platforms out there and sometimes it can be difficult to keep everything updated every day.

This is especially hard for small businesses just because they do not have the social media sector in their company, so they must manage their social media profiles themselves or give them to marketing company which can be expensive.

There is light at the tunnel just because there are tools designed to make things easier. In this article, we will go through some of the best tools that will help you create content, schedule, manage and much more so you do not have to do all the hard work.

  1. Buffer

Buffer offers great social media management for many different platforms. It is a well-established brand and used by many big brands, businesses, and agencies. Basically, you can drop your already created content into Buffer and it will publish it for your on different social media platforms. It is easy to use tool and it is very important so you can focus on expanding on your social media coverage and not posting and scheduling. It also has engagement analysis, team collaboration and much more.

  1. Hootsuite

This is an incredible all-in-one platform that will allow you to schedule content, measure your return of investment on ads, create ads and much more. It is very good just because you can see all of your social media profiles on one page as well as interact with customers. You can add up to 35 social networks and use the bulk schedule feature which will post on every social media profile.

You must know that social media posting is very time-consuming process, especially when you are managing more platforms, which is why you must create a weekly or monthly schedule with all the posts. If you like football betting, then you know how important is the schedule for the matches. This is similar to that and the only difference is that you can change the schedule if you need to post something different.

  1. Unbox Social

If you want to run successful social media profiles, you have to analyze user behavior. Unbox Social can give you in-depth analysis giving you all kind of important information about your content engagement, target audience, the best time to post and much more.  Unbox Social has one more useful feature and it is their news feed, but this is not regular news feed. It is designed to inform you only about relevant information about businesses in your industry.

  1. BuzzSumo

This social media tool comes with different features such as brand analysis and monitoring, in-depth content insights and analysis, competitor research and etc. which can bring many benefits to your business. This will help you identify the right content that you should post and tell you on what kind of content your fans engagement rises.

  1. Social Drift

Is a very powerful social media tool that uses artificial intelligence in order to optimize your account and grow your account through analyses and weekly or monthly reports. It also can be set up to use automated targeting marketing that analyses your audience and suggest the perfect campaign for your ads.

  1. Animoto

Video content has become the best way to interact with your audience. However, creating the perfect video ad campaign can be difficult and confusing. Animoto can improve your video content on your social media profiles by using video templates and automatically creates campaigns that have the biggest potential for success. By using this tool you can create perfectly designed videos such as ads, promotions, how-to guides, seasonal sales and much more. It is a must-have tool for every business.

  1. Canva

Canva is content related tool much like Animoto, but it includes templates for every social media platform including email content creation. Visual content is crucial for running a successful social media business and with Canva you can optimize your content to fit in every different social media platform by using carefully picked headers, thumbnails, and etc. This is the perfect tool that will help you use less time on content creation and come up with interesting and engaging content.

These are some of the tools that are designed to make social media management easier. Most of these tools come at a monthly or one-time subscription, but it is worth it. If you want to create social media accounts on many different platforms it will be very time consuming to run them all manually, which is why you must use automated tools that can give you special analysis that will help you grow your social media presence.



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