Expanding its operations in Jharkhand, How Ziqitza Healthcare is improving the healthcare system in rural areas – Shweta Mangal


Ziqitza Healthcare Limited is all set to bolster the healthcare system of Jharkhand through its ‘108 ambulance service’. The emergency healthcare provider is offering its services to all the 24 districts of the state through a total of 317 ambulances, saving numerous lives each day.

Extending its services to every resident of the state, the 108 ambulance service is reaching the rugged rural areas on just one call. “Ziqitza ambulances have proven to be a boon, especially for pregnant women and children,” said Sumit Basu, project head at ZHL.

Co-founded by Shweta Mangal, Ziqitza healthcare is operating 317 ambulances, which are equipped with all the high-tech facilities like GPS, to ensure quick first aid to the patients in need. The advanced ambulances are helping the medical practitioners on board to keep the patients stable till the vehicle reaches the hospital.

“It gives us great satisfaction to know that our efforts have played an important role in serving the people of Jharkhand. Most of our operations are in Tier II and Tier III areas, where the roads are not in good condition, causing serious problems. So, we are constantly making efforts to ensure that our vehicles and technicians are able to cope with every situation and are ready with the relevant equipment,” Basu added.

Over the years, Ziqitza healthcare Ltd has diversified its services to meet the needs of patients at the time of emergency. The ambulance drivers are trained to maintain the vehicles to ensure flawless operations and supervisors are also appointed in each district to monitor the maintenance activities. The company also reviews the status of company’s off-road ambulances from time to time.

Having started its services in Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Hazaribagh districts with 33 ambulances in 2017, ZHL has taken decent strides to boost the operations in the last two years. Today, one can avail the emergency services at any time by dialing its ‘108’ toll free number.

At this juncture, Ziqitza healthcare is catering to over 700 patients every day across the state, nurturing the vision of co-founder Shweta Mangal, Ziqitza. It takes more than 20,000 patients to the hospitals every month. The company has helped more than 2 lakh 20 thousand people in the last 2 years, ensuring the availability of emergency medical care promptly.


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