How Millennials Manage To keep Their Homes Classy


Millennials- Generation Y, and probably the most tech-savvy generation for whom everything has undergone a drastic makeover. From navigating their life via social media and dating applications to redefine the idea of their home designs, they are ditching the old ways and adopting all new measure to live life.

Not only are they open to change but have also come up with some great and different ideas, when it comes to any aspect of life. In this article, we are going to talk about how millennials have changed the view of an ideal home, and are managing to keep it classy. 

From the walls of the house to flooring and decoratives, they have changed it all. So here we are, decoding some of the new-age fundas of the ways adopted by millennials to keep their home classy. 

Well, let’s get going.

1. The Evolving Millennial Wall Culture

The evolving millennial wall culture

The first change to notice in the house of a millennial is the colour of the walls. Gone are the days of simple and easy wall colours. Millennials tend to keep it vibrant and classy. Some may like to keep it monochromatic, which is a smart choice, while others like to let life flow through a mix colour pallette.

Be it monochromatic or colour mixed them, they take care of keeping it classy. They keep a keen check on what colour combinations they are choosing and have a clear idea about how they will make the colour code work. 

If you are looking to make a millennial wall change in your home, then you may go through these amazing colour ideas. 

2. Furniture Clusters

furniture cluster mumbai

One significant change to notice in the house of a millennial is the way they keep their furniture. Besides keeping the furniture at the edges of the room, to make it look large, they tend to keep it in conversation-friendly clusters. They usually look for placing their furniture at the centre of the room. 

Besides creating a cluster of furniture, they tend to choose a trendy and comfortable one. Keeping in mind that the furniture goes well with the colour of the walls, they also take care of the other decoratives as well. 

Now, one of the biggest problems faced by them earlier was the massive investments to be made in buying the furniture. But, as they say, it is the millennial era, and every problem has a great solution. So, this problem too has been solved at ease, and anyone may now rent furniture online in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, or any other metro city in India. 

The furniture rental startups are offering their services at great prices, with many additional benefits, including free transportation, free maintenance, and many more.

3. Bright Lights

Bright Lights

To be precise, lousy lightning in the first place might adversely affect the complete set up of the home. And on top of that, it might ruin their Instagram pictures. So, who’s going to take that big a risk? Thus, the millennials already acted smart enough and took care of how the lightning of their home should go. 

They make sure that each room has multiple lighting points. Also, they choose sconces and lamps of appropriate size with the right hue. 

4. Out of The Box Flooring

Out of The Box Flooring

Another essential thing millennial consider a lot in their homes is flooring. They don’t believe in the idea of keeping it simple but put extra effort to make it stand out. Generally, they either paint the designs themselves or go for patterned tiles. Now, with wooden flooring, this task has become way too easy to be done. 

Also, besides adding designed patterns or patterned tiles, they incorporate incredible designer carpets in their house, which eventually makes their floor different and trendy.

5. Decoratives


Talking of decoratives, millennials have taken it to another level. They have given up the thought of keeping it simple, and have indulged into creating a look with eye-catchy and artistic decoratives. Starting from wall art to an incredible piece of hangings, they have taken it to a level of incorporating a telephone booth in the corner of the room. 

They usually prefer quirky decoratives which define their lifestyle well. Also, they are a generation who uses amazing DIY home decor hacks to create an amazingly beautiful interior

Final thoughts 

When it comes to designing homes, millennials are a whole new creature. From trendy flamingos to a cornered phone booth, they keep everything in between. Changing the way of interiors and defining what should and should not be in a home, they are doing it great. 

If you are looking forward to designing your home anytime soon, then the millennials mindset of home interior discussed above will serve you at best. Thus, you may take the help of these ideas and make your home look classic millennial style. 

Also, if you have any other ideas to keep the interiors of the home the millennial way, don’t forget to share them in the comment section below. 



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