5 Emerging Trends That Define Indian Online Gaming Sector


The rising development and growth in digital infrastructure have resulted in the rapid increase in the demand, popularity, and rise of the Indian online gaming sector. According to the report, the number of online games and game development companies has increased from 20 million and 25 million in 2010 to 250 million in 2018. The revenue of this sector is expected to reach Rs. 11,900 crore at 22% CAGR by FY23.

The user base and fantasy sports operators have witnessed the growth of 25 times and 7 times respectively since 2016. Mobile phones with a market share of 85% are considered as the major contributor to Indian online gaming revenue. Mobile gaming has been creating gamers with serious gaming intent. The report states that the mobile game market in India is estimated to get about 628 million users. Hence, it will be worth $1.1 billion by the end of the year 2020.

Trends That Define And Grow Indian Online Gaming Sector 

According to the AIGF (All India Gaming Federation), the development of smartphone and digital gaming models is increasing the number of online gaming players. There are approximately 300 million online gamers and about 60% of these gamers are below the age of 24.

Here are the top trends in Indian online gaming –

  • Multiplayer Games

As the name suggests, this game is played by more than one player simultaneously in the general gaming settings. Some of the most popular examples are Minecraft, PUBG, and Clash of Clans.

  • Made-in-India Games 

These types of games are designed and developed in-house by homegrown game developing companies. Teen Patti and Andar Bahar are some very popular made-in-India games extremely loved by beginners and experienced players. In-house developers are pre-installing these desi games on the handsets. Indian language web users are expected to touch 540 million in 2021.  

  • Gaping Gender Gap 

Approximately 83% of online gamers are men. Uneven gender distribution on the internet is making online gaming a male-dominated sector in India. In contrast to the quarter of male players, around 15% of women are strong players. It has been found that male players generally choose a social card, sports, and action games, while female gamers prefer puzzle games. 

  • Action, Puzzle, And Strategy Top Genres 

Indian people have a great passion for solving puzzles, especially the challenging ones. They love watching and enjoying thrilling action and strategies. That’s a reason why action and adventurous movies are extremely popular in the country. This craze is also noticed in the online gaming sector. 

  • Fantasy Gaming Rage 

Fantasy sports offer cash awards to players. Although these were considered illegal in India in previous days, today they become the favorite of myriads of people. Don’t relate this game with online gambling and betting. Around 74% of people play fantasy sports 1-3 times a week in major cities. Indian fantasy sports players have increased about 25 times in the last 3 years. Estimates suggest India will have about 100 million fantasy sports gamers by the year 2019.



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