How online casinos make you spend money


Although online casinos would appear to lack some of the features that would appear to make their physical equivalents so attractive to many, they have other, perhaps more subtle ways of encouraging players to spend more money. They may not have the plush surroundings, free food and drink, and glamourous hosts of a physical casino, but online casinos have plenty of tricks of their own.

Here are some of the most common:


Promotions and bonuses are often used to attract new players, frequently framed as free bets or free spins.

Of course, in life things are rarely free, and invariably these offers will come with terms and conditions, usually buried in the small print. A free bet may require a certain amount of online deposits to be made first, or a free spin only granted after a certain number of paid bets.

There can also be restrictions on withdrawals, so that players cannot just sign up, claim their free bonus, and then leave again.

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Web design

How a site is designed can make – or break – an online casino. The way that the graphics, colour schemes and sound effects all interact are key to creating an enjoyable gaming experience.

A site also needs to be easy to navigate and should work equally well on any electronic device – desktop, smartphone, or tablet.


Sound is often used to recreate the act of physically being in a casino. That means that when playing slots, a noise will create the illusion of a spin on a machine whilst there will be a celebratory jackpot tune played, irrespective of the size of the winnings. Some even have managed to recreate the sound of coins dropping into the tray.

Flashing Lights and Animation

To complement the sound, online casinos will use an array of flashing lights and animation effects to stimulate the senses and create a sense of excitement. They also use the concept of LDW – losses designed as wins – to encourage players to spend more.

Wins flash up quickly on screens, making people ready to play again.

And online casinos are not averse to offering games based on popular movies and TV shows, with sounds and light effects reminding them of their favourite characters.

Scientific research has shown that regular players of slots often get in a trance-like state, where they lose all track of their surroundings, and how much they have won or loss, Online casinos are by no means averse to creating such a state with their sound and light combinations.

Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programmes are an extension of the same trick, a mechanism used to reward online players who stick with them over a period of time with extra rewards and prizes. Frequently the level of tier that a player qualifies for depends on how much money they have wagered or deposited over a month or longer-time period. People are “encouraged” to qualify for the next level of membership.

Again, they are preying on human nature. People want to feel they belong to an elite group, and loyalty programmes pander to that.


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