This is how much priya Prakash is Earning from her instragram posts


This is how much priya Prakash is Earning from her instragram posts:

priya Prakash

Priya Prakash, which has been declared ‘National Crush’ overnight due to one of its videos, has flown up all the way. With the influx of followers on the Instagram, the offers of advertising has also started to come. It is reported that many companies are talking to Priya to redeem the popularity of Priya Prakash. Priya is getting an offer up to Rs 8 lakh for a promotional post.

According to media reports, Priya has left behind many big Bollywood stars in terms of popularity on social media. Priya Laxmani, who made the entire country crazy with the eyes of her eyes, has become a star before it is debuted in films. The 18-year-old actress has surpassed Sunny Leoni and Deepika Padukone in terms of Google search.

Well Priya is getting offers of Bollywood films too. But in an interview with CNN News18, he has said that he is currently focusing on the release of his debut film. This film is to be released in June. After that he will think of a new movie. A song and teaser of the same movie ‘Oru Adar Love’ was launched. After that he got into the headlines.

Popularity and market value go hand in hand, Priya Prakash Varrier proved. Emerging Malayalam actress, who earned a huge fan after no time, has now become a hot favorite of top brands. Companies are coming to them to promote their products on their Instagram page and are willing to pay a huge price in return.

According to a report on a leading Bollywood website, 19-year-old is getting the money. 8 million per promotional post on her Instagram account. The Hollywood celebrity has crossed some of the big Bollywood stars when it comes to earning through influencer marketing. This is indeed remarkable achievement that Priya’s debut film has not yet been released.

The ‘Oru Adar love’ actress holds the world record for bringing the maximum number of followers on the Instagram. She defeated the likes of Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo to take top position. At present, Priya has 5.1 million people, who see her on Instagram. His big fan base will only grow in the coming days.

After his clip from the song ‘Manik Malarai Poovi’, Priya remembered the path to becoming a sensation overnight. She was on the entire internet for the next few days, who was in the song with his teenager boyfriend to keep an eye on his flirting chime.

The makers of ‘Oru Adar Love’ released a teaser from the film and reduced their popularity. Since its followers only grown and the Malayalam actress has now become a hot favorite of many top brands in the country.

Considering the popularity of their social media, companies are now coming to promote their brands in Instagram and they are ready to pay 8 lakh rupees as a promotional post.

If the reports are to be believed, then, after earning through social media marketing, the Mall View Star has already crossed some big Bollywood celebrities. Although his film has not yet been released, only after going through his fans, the film is set to earn only one time and she takes more projects.

His popularity with the release of the first song was that the producers of ‘Oru Adar Prem’ decided to cash on one occasion and released another teaser in one month of the film.

After enjoying Priya Prakash Varrior, a lot cannot be said. Go to your Instagram page and she’ll understand how popular she is in the social media circuit. Okay, she is now one of the most influential Bollywood celebrities on Instagram.

Some reports are doing in the affair, many top brands are contacting Priya Prakash Varrior for sending promotional material through their Instagram page and they earn money through Influencer Marketing, a strategy by which the top personalities have their own social media Promotional content sends media pages from

How much does a Priya Prakash charge for a social media post ..! Some reports on the tour suggest that Priya Prakash varrior has been promoted to Instagram for promotional material for 8 lakh per post and some big Bollywood celebrities have been abandoned, although there is no official confirmation about all these Has been.


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