Ankit Tiwari and brother Ankur worked hard to make ‘Brotherhood’ possible


You might have heard and appreciated Bollywood hits like Badtameez and Tum Hardafa Ho. These songs feature the versatile and melodious voice of Singer Ankit Tiwari. Yet, there is more than what meets the eye. The architect of the visual and audio aesthetics of these songs is Ankit Tiwari’s brother, Ankur Tiwari. Ankit Tiwari made the song an aural delight and Ankur Tiwari’s creative prowess enabled the song’s fine production.

Ankur Tiwari made the above possible through his production house- ‘Brotherhood Entertainment’. The production house was founded in 2013 by the brothers. The initiation was easy since Ankit Tiwari was already in the music industry. However, maintaining a production house is altogether a different story.

The video of the song Badtameez starred the gracious Sonal Chauhan and Ankit Tiwari. Ankur Tiwari believes in storytelling, it’s the reason why the video had a complex backstory about a rockstar and his bittersweet romantic relationship. Badtameez required the expertise of various professionals such as lyricist Manoj Muntashir and programmer Roop Mahanta. An ensemble of singers including Dwyane Gamree, Dean Sequiera, Murishka Dcruz, and Riya Jauhari provided backing vocals.            

The production involved perfect coordination between the sound engineer, singers, instruments, and programmers. Further, creating a video that complements the song also required the skills of a good director, a script supervisor, and a director of photography.

As the chief of both video and audio production, Ankur Tiwari had to deal with numerous challenges. He had to make sure that the crew was communicating without aberrations. Propagating creative ideas requires impeccable communication as a single speck of deviation can compromise the ‘feel’ of a project. On the other hand, Ankur Tiwari needed experimentation as well. Digital production has made things really easy, but it has reduced the scope of trial and errors, which could expose the team to new ideas.

“Everything is teamwork”, says Ankit Tiwari’s brother. His MBA in marketing has taught him many lessons. Irrespective of his background in management, Ankur Tiwari has always understood that focus and determination are the pillars that support a successful venture. Till now, Brotherhood Entertainment has successfully set up more than 300 live shows, both in India and abroad.

There’s more to come from Brotherhood Entertainment as Ankur Tiwari wishes to take this company to the summit of artistic and commercial success. Till then, enjoy Ankur Tiwari’s new single, Mehbooba.


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