Petrol and Diesel prices will change Daily from August in Hyderabad !


The recent news about the variant fuel prices, that the fuel prices will change daily according to the international price,  This was about to start in some cities as a pilot project, however, it’s the turn of Hyderabad, the fuel prices in the city will also vary according to the international prices from August.

This included around 500 petrol pumps in the city and the outskirts.

This revision of prices on a daily basis will be a difficult task for the common people, the Oil Companies have decided to start a pilot project to sort out the issues in the operational procedure.

This will be initially starting from May 1st in 5 cities and the second phase will be in August that has Hyderabad listed.

The Oil Dealers asked six months time to implement the daily change of prices, there is still a gap of 40 percent in automation and fuel dispensing machines they said.

Rajiv Amaram, president of Telangana Petroleum Dealers’ Association, said: “Only 60 percent of fuel-dispensing machines is automated. The automation of all petrol pumps is required to implement a daily revision of fuel prices. It requires a lot of investment for automation. It will be difficult for all dealers to go for automation within three-four months.”

The Automation would be much difficult in the outer parts of Telangana,  For fewer than 40 percent of fuel-dispensing machines in districts are automated. There are over 1,500 pumps in districts, of which about 550 are automated. Revised rates will automatically be updated in all petrol pumps from the oil companies’ headquarters in Mumbai in automated dispensing machines. DC



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