Pharmacy, Its Types and Careere in CVS Pharmacy



Pharmacy is a profession in which a person, commonly called as a pharmacist, prepare medicines and help to provide patients their prescribed medicines. Pharmacists use their in depth knowledge regarding medicines in order to help people to get recovered. There are a number of duties of a pharmacists which include provision of the suggested medicines to the patients, providing information to people about the medicines they are going to use or sale, cooperation with doctors and other medical staff to make a better decision about the selection of a medicine in order for speed recovery of patients, formation of new effective drugs.

Types of Pharmacists

There are a number of types of pharmacies which help people in different ways. The common types of pharmacy includes:

  • ACADEMIC PHARMACY: It provides an in-depth knowledge about the medicines and the Academic pharmacists help the students in schools and colleges to do research about various things to get proper knowledge.
  • CLINICAL PHARMACY: In clinical pharmacy, pharmacists provide information about the drugs and they can work anywhere to provide health caring services through their knowledge. They keep an eye on the recovery of patient and stay in touch until the patient get recovered.
  • HOSPITAL PHARMACY: In this type, the pharmacists work in hospitals and clinics. They interact with staff and suggest medicines for patients. They usually suggest, make and give medicines to patients. Medical staff give preference to the suggestions of the pharmacists.

Hospital pharmacy is further divided into two types that include the “Inpatient Pharmacy” and “Outpatient Pharmacy”.

  • INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY: In this type of pharmacy, people work in industries and monitor different sectors including the sales, packaging of medicines etc.
  • RESEARCH PHARMACY: In this pharmacy, pharmacists do research in hospitals, clinics, educational places to study about medicinal effects.
  • INDEPENDENT PHARMACY: This is most commonly found pharmacy. People run their own pharmacies and prescribe and provide the medicines to the people.


CVS Pharmacy is one of the leading pharmacies of America and its mission is to provide the access to medicines as well as to support healthcare sector. Pharmacists of CVS Pharmacy provide medicines suggested in the prescriptions as well as the medicines to the patients without prescriptions after knowing their problem. They work differently as they provide facilities like Extra Care, CVS Beauty, Store Brands and Pharmacy Care.


CVS provides various career opportunities and people can apply online for jobs. The amazing thing about CVS is that they do not restrict any age limitation for employers or it is not necessary to be an adult or experienced to get job in CVS. A 16 years old child can even apply for job in CVS. CVS needs the person who are cooperative, work in team and friendly. There is always an opportunity in CVS for workers to progress and this enhances their responsibilities as well as benefits. An employee can work in flexible hours.

CVS provides different positions which include Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technician, Store Manager, Cashier, Custom Service Associate, Lab Assistants, Security, Technicians etc. There are also some other online jobs with no any investment to earn, we commend you to choose that career where is your interest, Not that one which pays you high but there is not your interest.


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