AMD RYZEN Next Gen CPUs & APUs revealed – 15 Core Raven Ridge, Pinnacle Ridge and more

AMD RYZEN Next Generation APUs and CPUs Pinnacle Ridge and Raven Ridge Overview


AMD has been hot in the hardware markets now with their recent release of Ryzen CPUs, VEGA and Polaris GPUs, and Radeon Pro workstation GPUs. They now unveil their future CPUs!

Raven Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge in 2018

AMD will be releasing their Pinnacle Ridge CPUs and new Raven Ridge APUs in 2018. And the best part? They are again on AM4 platform, so upgrading your current Ryzen Desktop will be a breeze.

New Raven Ridge APUs

Raven Ridge APUs are Accelerated Processing Units, which will offer ZEN 2 Based CPU Cores and High-Performance VEGA graphics on the chip. This is great for Gaming Laptops, Small Form Factor Gaming Desktops, and Budget Gaming PCs.

The next generation Raven Ridge APUs will have the Zen 2 architecture and 12nm Manufacturing Process. For the cores, it will have up to 4 “ZEN” CPU Cores and 11 “VEGA” GPU Cores, essentially making it an 15-Core APU. RAM supported would be DDR4, as expected.

(Picture Credits :- LOWYAT.NET)

Pinnacle Ridge CPUs

For those who seek pure processing power, Pinnacle Ridge will offer extreme levels of performance.

Enthusiasts already have amazing performance with the current ZEN CPUs, but with ZEN 2 Pinnacle Ridge CPUs they will be getting way more.

The processors feature up to Eight Zen 2 Cores, and the TDP will be 95W which is similar to the current RYZEN Lineup. More details to be revealed soon.


In conclusion, Raven Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge seem to be amazing. Raven Ridge will offer high levels of GPU & CPU Performance which is going to be absolutely perfect for Gaming Laptops, Small Form Factor Gaming Desktops, and Budget Gaming PCs.

Pinnacle Ridge will offer unmatched CPU performance which AMD is known for, and enthusiasts will be pleased with it.

Stay tuned for more updates.



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