Some Smart and Feasible Small Business Ideas for Technology Startups


There are a lot of business ideas to think of on planning for a technology-based startup, which let the tech-savvy entrepreneurs convert their experience into business ventures and run it successfully for a profit. At the current rate of technology changes and with the need for businesses to adapt to those changes, there is a good scope for entrepreneurship in the technology field now.

To guide the young technology business aspirants, here we will discuss some ideal startup business ideas, which are not only easy to bring into practice, but also profitable on managing properly. However, there may be pros and cons for anything which we plan to venture into, so careful consideration and in-depth analysis is required before jumping into any business.

Most of what discusses here are about selling technology services, which means there is no huge initial investment involved in these. For technology services, there is no need for a significant inventory and also not to manufacturing any equipment in a factory. This baseline list will offer you some flexible and practical ideas for businesses with minimal capital requirements.

#1 Blogging Consulting

If you are good at your creative and research writing skills, then blog consulting can be taken as a good business venture. A small startup in blog consulting can surely be a lucrative business nowadays as all the business enterprises now have the need for quality and informative blogs in their niche market to attract more consumers towards their services.

However, to start blog consulting, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the needs of various niche markets and different types of products and services to come up with quality blogs and running them. By running a consulting service, you can also farm out the task of writing to other freelancers and third parties to take a cut by coordinating the activities.

#2 Computer and Hardware Repair Services

If you have a flair of troubleshooting and know about the motherboard and chip level servicing of computers and allied technical devices, then thinking of a computer or laptop repairing service can be an ideal business idea. However, when you are trying to provide professional repairing services, it is essential to know about the features and technical specifications of various makes and models in order to do the task effectively.

You may have to give a guarantee also for the components and repairing services you offer, so it is essential to have access to genuine parts and components also when you are doing computer hardware repair as a service. When it comes to services, it is now only the hardware, but you can also think of servicing various operating systems and other software used on computers.

#3 Business Database Management

When it comes to database management, we can see that the traditional databases, which evolved one or two decades back to meet up with the requirements of those times are struggling now to cope up with the needs of the current data-driven world business world. The sources, volume, and diversity of data are now growing in an exponential way. Also, as points out, the data coming into an organization from various sources also lacks clarity and doesn’t have a defined structure too.

Some of these are event-driven, and some others are transactional from the back-office management systems. All these challenges have now matured into a time where businesses tend to digitalize their operation and also want to transition to technologies like a cloud to harness the benefits of latest generation technologies like business analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning, etc. All these make data management a complicated, and thus with scope for a successful business.

Data management platforms can be offered as a service. These platforms should be able to handle various types of data from different sources and of different ages. Data normalization also should be made possible to make sense and do business analytics based on it. The interoperability of data and various data management tools is the key to success in database management services. Any given solution should be able to handle those disparate databases and the silos to store information and bring it back on querying and make sense of data in real-time.

#4 IT Training

If you possess significant programming skills or multiple programming languages or networking or database administration skills, it is a good idea to think of starting IT finishing schools for the career aspirants and working professionals to gain technical skills. For this; however, you may need the assistance of similar-minded others also to partner with yours. When it comes to specific technical training, people tend to approach institutes rather than thinking of long-term graduate schools.

Also, as technology is changing so fast, it is mandatory of the working professionals also to upgrade their skills from time to time to survive in the industry. They will be looking for expert training consultants to offer them advanced training at flexible hours or online. All these needs culminate into an excellent business idea for you to think of.

#5 IT Technical Support

When it comes to the essential IT infrastructure needs as networking or software resource needs, many of the small organizations don’t have enough budget to maintain a full-fledged in-house technical team for support. So, they tend to outsource the technical support activities to all maintenance service contractors, which is a lucrative business idea to think of if you are an expert.

You may focus on a specific field like networking or setting up and maintaining technical infrastructure etc. As discussed above, it can be clubbed with data backup, security, and recovery as well as software installation, updates, and management, etc. Based on the advanced needs of the age, technical support services also may include mobile device management, app management, security administration, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned IT business startup ideas, you may also think of options like web designing services, digital marketing services, SEO, social media consulting, video and audio content production, etc. Whatever businesses you try to establish in the technology field, it is important for you to become an expert in the specific technology and have a fair understanding of the market in order to establish it well and run it successfully on a long-term basis.



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