How To Get Photoshop Free Legally?


What if I say that it is possible to get Photoshop for free and legally in 2019! I will tell you about several methods to get the software ignoring torrent resources and without spending a cent.

Method No1. Use a Free Trial Adobe Photoshop CC Version

Photoshop Trial

Pros of Adobe Photoshop:

  • All photo retouching capabilities
  • Stable and fast work
  • Access to Lightroom and cloud service

Cons of Adobe Photoshop:

  • Temporary access to the program

This is probably a fairly obvious way, but I noticed that many users want to buy Photoshop without even trying it. Since Photoshop is the most popular program for work with images, even those, who do not need all its capabilities, want to get it. I think that it is more reasonable to test Photoshop free trial version to understand whether you really need this program.

The developers claim that they give people a chance to take advantage of all software’s features for a month, while users convince that the trial period is shorter. In fact, an absolutely free trial version lasts a week, then you have to pay for it, but you can return money within 30 days.

To get Photoshop CC, go to Adobe official site, open “Creative & Design” section. Choose Photoshop from the drop-down list and click “Free Trial”. The downloading will take several minutes. Then you have to install the program on your computer and can start testing it.

Less than a year ago, you had the opportunity to download Photoshop CS2 for free. Even if it is a very old version of the program, but many users won’t need more for the majority of tasks. But now a free download of this version is prohibited.

If image editing still seems a daunting task for you, think about addressing FixThePhoto and get everything done by experienced retouchers for about $5 per image.

What Are the Advantages of a Trial Version over Illegal Adobe Photoshop?

  • This is absolutely legal. The best thing about free Photoshop trial version is that you don’t violate any laws while using the program for a whole week. Everything is 100% legal.
  • You get really the latest version. Photoshop is being updated quite often, so any error in the work is corrected and new features are added. Illegal versions lag behind the official ones by several dozen updates.
  • Your computer will be safe. Downloading the pirate software to your computer, you risk infecting your computer with viruses. The thing is that to bypass the system, hackers integrate additional software, which may contain viruses that slow down your computer, in torrent.
  • You will receive official support. You won’t need to search forums to understand what’s wrong with your illegal PS and how to fix the problem. Using the official version, you can contact the customer support and get your problem solved.
  • The program works stably and fast. The official version of the program has everything that the developers have integrated into it, in contrast to the pirate free Photoshop version, where the code has been changed and rewritten several times. For this reason, the program won’t show any errors and lags.

Method No2 Photoshop Elements Trial

Photoshop Elements Trial


  • User-friendly
  • Guided Edits are very helpful
  • Lots of auto features
  • Fast to install and use


  • Some users may not like the auto features

This is an ideal option for those, who do not want to use alternative programs, but do not need the full Photoshop version. Developers tried to satisfy the needs of amateur users and decided to create this Photoshop free version containing only the basic image editing features. It somehow resembles Instagram and VSCO with typical PS options and tools.

If you visit Adobe official website, you may be confused as this version isn’t featured there. Adobe Creative plan doesn’t include it either. Not to waste time searching for it on the net, just click on the button above and the downloading will start automatically.

After you install a 30-day Photoshop Elements trial version on your computer, you will see that there are many standard PS features there, for instance, Camera Raw for color correction. Actually, this version is more than enough if you need the software for basic picture editing – color correction, trimming, basic portrait retouching. More advanced features aren’t available here. But if you aren’t interested in them, Photoshop Elements is a wonderful free Adobe Photoshop variant.

Method No3 Free Photoshop Express

Free Photoshop Express


  • Understandable design and tools layout
  • Great toolset for basic image edit
  • Tight integration with other Adobe apps
  • Absolutely free


  • The photo size must be smaller than 16MP
  • No RAW image editing
  • Not for professional photo retouchers

If you constantly enhance pictures on the go and want to know what Photoshop free version will fully match your working style, I recommend paying attention to Photoshop Express. It was developed specifically for users, who need the software on their smartphones and tablets. PS Express has tight integration with Creative Cloud and can even offer its own cloud storage, which is a nice bonus. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to enjoy full-fledged picture retouching since there are simply no such features. You can just remove skin defects and do some basic improvements.

Free Photoshop Alternatives

If you have figured out how to get Photoshop SC6 for free, but don’t like any of the variants, you can try several PS alternatives. The truth is that it is very difficult to find an absolutely free analog, since Photoshop is a standard app in terms of picture editing and its price isn’t so high in comparison with other paid products. Still, we have managed to find the best free Photoshop alternative options, so check them below to see which one satisfies your needs.



PhotoScape is often featured in the lists of top PS alternatives. It is available both in free and paid versions. This program is popular among beginner and experienced photographers, as well as bloggers and designers. PhotoScape free Adobe Photoshop alternative offers a couple of individual functions for image editing, cataloging, GIF and video processing, and RAW files converting.

Each tap has a user-friendly design and rather powerful tools that you can use to create banners and logos. You can install the software on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The only disadvantage is limited functions in its free version.



When it comes to GIMP Photoshop free alternative, users state that its biggest advantage is an open source code. It is compatible both with Windows and Linux. If you like Photoshop, but can’t afford to buy this program, you will be very satisfied when you install and open GIMP, as its interface and tools greatly resemble those you have in PS. Here you can find features to enhance images and correct colors, work with text, layers and masks.

Experienced users, who know how a good image editor should function, like the open source nature of GIMP. In such a way, they can fix different bugs, improve tools, even add new features without waiting for developers to update the software. Unfortunately, GIMP has one serious defect – there is no version for Mac. Besides, the program may work slowly, so there are still many features to be modified.

Free Online Photoshop Alternatives

If you do not want to download the program to your computer and wish to have access to it at any time and from any place, then your choice is an online program for photo editing.



Among free Photoshop online replacements, Pixlr is definitely the most popular one. Though it doesn’t offer plug-ins and you must have a constant Internet connection to use it, this free web app is almost as powerful as PS is. After you upload an image, you can use clone stamps, layers, selection tools, masks and other advanced features to process a file. Actually, the toolset has everything that top-grade graphics editors can offer. The only weak point is the absence of batch photo editing. However, you can open several pictures simultaneously and enhance them separately.



This online Photoshop free alternative is based on Flash Player, can boast of the user-friendly interface and a set of great tools for basic image edit. You will surely like the working speed even if you use many filters and effects simultaneously. In addition to photo editing, you can use Polarr for basic digital drawing, which makes the software stand out among other web apps. The only disadvantage is the absence of RAW file support.



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