Bigg Boss 11 Update: Shilpa Shinde & Arshi Khan Makes Fun Of Hina Khan


Bigg Boss 11 Update: Shilpa Shinde & Arshi Khan Once Again Makes Fun Of Hina Khan:

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It seems Bigg Boss contestants do not love to forget anything happens inside the house. Do you remember that the task where Hina Khan had to dip his soft toy in pain to save another contestant? Bigg Boss 11 candidates are all set to create more drama this time and quite unforgiving of each other.

If remember the case when a couple of days prior Hina Khan sobbed hysterically when she needed to plunge her most loved delicate toy in a paint can for an errand? Though it was serious funny to see Hina Khan like that.

This time she has again targeted for that incident. She turned into the victim of jokes for some, housemates took burrows at her overcompensation. The episode isn’t overlooked yet. You must not miss this episode at any rate.

If you have missed then you may head to Voot. In an inconspicuous film made accessible by Voot, you can see how the naughty Arshi Khan and matured Shilpa Shinde have by and by ridiculed Hina and her delicate toy ‘Pooh’.

It was seriously a lot of fun seeing them discussing about how its been 7 days since Pooh left the world. Moreover Shilpa Shinde also recommends they hold a terhavin – a function denoting the last day of grieving as per Indian culture for Poo.

The story does not get end up as she also even proposes what they should cook for that day. They recollect how Hina, Benafsha and Priyank Sharma influenced it to resemble a genuine burial service of a delicate toy that day.

Though it was not intended to heart her but it was truly a full of entertainment thing. They have a healthy giggle on the point. We ponder what might Hina Khan say when she comes to think about this joke. Though the thing cannot be circumvented that things are getting quite sharper between Shilpa-Arshi and Hina, this joke will exacerbate the situation.

In the meantime prepare for one of the greatest battles of Bigg Boss 11, as Arshi and Priyank’s standoff will be disclosed today around evening time. Saying would not wrong that things are getting worse. Though the court task was assigned to make it fill it with the entertainment and happy.

But things went quite serious. We all have seen how Priyank was so angry at that time. After an assignment turned out badly yesterday, Arshi and Priyank passed cold hearted comments on each other. While Priyank remarked on Arshi’s character, she remarked on his sexuality. Saying would not wrong that Big Boss viewers are going to have a lot of drama in coming episodes.

Sayantani Ghosh, the ex-Bigg Boss hopeful has hammered Hina Khan for the way she acted in the last assignment. Truth be told, Twitterati is separated in two over the whole issue. But now there would be a lot of fun how Hina Khan handle all this. Hope she will not cry or get frustrated having all this as she has always been in previous episodes.


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