5 Cool Gadgets for Camping with our Kids this Fall


Are you always thinking about how cold it’s going to be when you take your kids’ camping in autumn? Or do you always want to strap a camping GPS tracker on your little ones every time they decide to explore the dark woods?

Well, you’re not alone.

We all understand the random thoughts that pop up in our minds every time we take a trip with our children. However, autumn is always the best time to undertake a weekend trip with your family. Slightly cooling weather gives us the opportunity to spend time with nature. But, while we all love reconnecting with nature, with our kids on the side, the comforts of everyday life are missed.

When undertaking a camping trip with your children, it is always to better be safe than sorry in case they make any unusual demands. So, here’s a list of 5 must-have gadgets on a camping trip with your kids.

  1. Foldable Camp Chair

    Camp chairs definitely come handy when you’re on a trip. You can’t always find a comfortable sitting spot when camping, due to rough terrain. Therefore, having a set of collapsible chairs is a great addition to your camping kit. The Moon Lence’s collapsible aluminium and fabric camp chairs are not only an affordable option but also very easy and comfortable to carry.

  2. Camping GPS Tracker

    Get yourself an outdoor GPS tracking device for a camping trip. Our favourite choice would be GoFindMe GPS tracker that provides a complete solution of tracking, locating and off-grid communication. The GoFindMe GPS tracker is a versatile device that comes with real-time location, trace record & share, one-button SOS, off-grid messaging, offline maps and safe zone indications. This makes it the perfect companion for your camping trips and the best way to make sure your children are safe and sound.

  3. All-Weather Fire Starter Kit

    Since camping is not a seasonal hobby, and one that can be undertaken in any season, it is essential to be prepared at all times. And the weather can be unpredictable. Therefore, owning an all-weather fire starter kit, like the Sona Enterprise All-Weather Magnesium Fire Starter Kit, could work out as a lifesaver for you. It’s a compact, magnesium bar and flint that is waterproof and weatherproof.

  4.  Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

    In autumn, it is very important to carry a sleeping bag that accommodates for both slightly warm days and cooler nights. For autumn family camping trips, the Hyke & Byke Quandary 15° F Ultralight Down Sleeping Bag is perfect. Though designed for backpacking, these sleeping bags are very useful for campers due to their lightweight design and ability to withstand a temperature down to 15° F.
  5. All Round Camping Stove

    Camping with your children can mean random demands for food. While you cannot cook up an elaborate meal for them in the woods, it is possible to meet some of their demands. And if you’re unsure about finding wood and lighting fires, then having an all-round camping stove is a good option. The Coleman’s Classic Propane Stove is an older model, yet a favourite for family camping trips.

With all the options out there to enhance your camping experience, our favourite choice was the GoFindMe GPS Tracker. One of the main reasons is the device’s versatility. Plus you don’t have to worry about losing your kids in the woods.  Owning amazing camping gadgets can surely change your entire camping experience. This way, you can not only connect with nature but also do it in a safe way. Instead of making camping a cumbersome experience, make it a carefree one.



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