Tips for playing blackjack on your phone


The rapid progress in mobile and casino technologies means that now anyone can go online and play casino for money from their tablet or smartphone.

Of all the available gambling for mobiles, one of the most popular is blackjack online. Unlike pokies, roulette, keno and other favorite casino games, in blackjack a player can reduce the advantage of the institution using the right strategy. Success in blackjack requires playing skills and stamina.

If you are fond of playing blackjack on your mobile, these tips will help you earn more:



Choose the Right Program

The most important thing you can do is register at a mobile casino with a good reputation and normal random number generators that have been independently audited and verified by third-party experts.

When you are sure that the game is 100% fair, you can concentrate on the strategy. Alternatively, you can play live games with the dealer, where everything happens in real time.

Learn the Basic Strategy and Stick To It

If you want to become a skilled player, then the first step is to learn the basic strategy for blackjack. It can be found on a variety of sites, blackjack forums, and books. The basic blackjack strategy is a guide that says what moves you need to make when certain card combinations are drawn.

The most important thing is to never abandon the strategy, because it was developed using mathematical calculations based on a finite number of cards in the game and has a serious base.

Set Bankroll Size

A bankroll means that you have a certain amount of money to play in each blackjack session. If you lost your entire bankroll in less than an hour, then stop and interrupt the game or switch to free games to practice. Thus, you will always have the funds to play the next day.

Start Low

If you play blackjack with a real dealer, then start with a table with a low betting limit. If you play standard mobile blackjack, then start with low bets. You might think that you will simply win less money, but it works both ways.

There is a much greater chance that you, as a beginner, will lose more than you win. Even the best players win with a probability of about 55%. This means that they lose almost half of the games. If you start with low rates, you can improve your skills by maintaining your bankroll.


When playing blackjack from a mobile, it is very easy for players to get distracted or do other things during the game. Blackjack is a game where all your attention should be on the cards and on what is happening – and nowhere else.

Naturally, you should not drink during the game, as this dulls your reasonableness and can often lead to larger bets, which you will later regret.

Raise Bets and Split Cards in Blackjack

After you learn the basic blackjack strategy, you will begin to see patterns in the game. You will also notice when you get good cards. Given this, it will always be worthwhile to raise bets when the total amount of the first 2 cards exceeds 11.

And at the same time, if you get a pair of aces or eights, then you need to immediately divide them (make a split). But you never need to separate a couple of tens or fives.

The more you play blackjack, the more clearly you will understand that blackjack has its own “nuances”. You will understand that you are either in the lucky zone or in the fail zone.

If you are in a lucky streak, then slightly increase the bet, and if in a failure lane, then reduce it or switch to a free game.


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