Call Of Duty: WWII PC Beta confirmed!


Call Of Duty: World War 2  is scheduled to release in November 2017, and before that happens there will be beta tests, divided into two weekends –

Weekend 1 will be only for PlayStation 4 users, which starts at August 25 10 AM Pacific Time. This converted to IST (Indian Standard Time) is 10:30 PM, August 25. 

Weekend 2 will be available for both PlayStation 4 & Xbox One users and will start at September 01 10 AM Pacific Time.

More details about the game, and the beta weekend 1 & 2

But as you can see, there was no mention of a PC beta, which left PC Gamers disappointed.

Confirmation of the PC Beta

In a Reddit post by Michael Condrey (co-founder of Sledgehammer Games), he confirmed that the PC Beta of Call Of Duty: WWII is coming.

There has been no word on the date when the PC Beta will happen but stay tuned for more updates.