Amazon: Get All Your Needs, Wants, and More


With everything being done online nowadays, it’s no surprise that many online platforms have made a lot of shops and other goods available. Things are much easier now with just a few taps on your keyboard or smartphone. Almost all your needs can be delivered to your doorstep. There are technology companies nowadays, but notably, Amazon is one of the biggest that offers so many services for the modern person. But did you know that Amazon offers so much more than just retail goods? You’d be surprised as to how Amazon has taken the crown of the best online store. The company keeps on expanding its market and we’ve here to share with you just a few things you can find there.

Everything is now online

Gone are the days when you had to go to a physical store to buy something you need. Even dining has also changed because you don’t have to go to your favorite restaurant to eat food. Nowadays, you can just order everything online without having to step out of your house! It’s amazing how technology has really been evolving and making our lives much easier. If you haven’t heard of Amazon yet, then you’re really missing out on a lot. It’s one of the biggest and most-used online platforms not just for the delivery of goods, but also services. In this article, we’ll be listing down the most notable products and services that Amazon offers.

Retail goods

One of the Amazon facts that you may not know is that it started out with selling books. The founder of the company, Jeff Bezos, thought that using it as an online market for selling books is a great idea⎯and it really is! To the day, the biggest catalog on Amazon are books! But other than books, you’ll also find so many things on there. The product range there is so diverse that you can find anything from clothes to DVDs, to house appliances, to car accessories, and so many more! You can basically find anything on Amazon with ease because their product catalog is regularly updated and keeps on expanding.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a membership offer of the company that lets its members get their goods within two days without paying a shipping fee. In the United States, users of Amazon can subscribe to Prime for only $79 to $99 yearly. The coolest part about this is that you also get it in a bundle that gives you access to Prime Video. You’ll be able to watch thousands of series and movies on Prime Video which is actually a great thing for a bundled offer. It saves you quite a lot of money, rather than subscribing to other video-streaming services. With this, Amazon has also been creating television shows and movies, as well as comics. These developments are from online submissions and crowd-sourced feedback. Through Amazon Video, these contents are streamed or released.


Amazon also offers fresh produce and other dry goods and non-perishable food items on their website. Other than just being an online store for your retail needs, it’s also an online supermarket. If you still remember Whole Foods, Amazon already acquired it back in 2017 and it has now been rebranded as “Amazon Fresh.” So you’re sure to get the best quality groceries with just a few taps of a button. Awesome!

Digital content

The company has expanded its audience and market and dove into digital content. It offers its users with Amazon Music which is an online music store. You can also find electronic books or E-books on the website. The company also has Kindle which is basically an electronic book tablet that is better than usual tablets since it doesn’t strain your eyes as much. You get a feel of an actual book with the Kindle because the pages look like actual printed books!

Amazon Game Studios

If you think it only has the things we’ve listed above, then get ready for Amazon Game Studios! The company has also branched out online video games for gamers and enthusiasts alike. It develops games for PCs, Macs, and Kindle eReaders under the Reflexive and Amazon Digital Service brands. The company stated that it is introducing “innovative, fun, and well-crafted games” to its consumers, and truly, it has kept its word.

Try out Amazon for yourself!

It has indeed a lot to offer. You can find so many things there that you need, want, and more! It’s a one-stop online shop that truly makes your shopping and lifestyle so much easier. We’ve only listed down a few of what it has to offer, but there’s still more! Try looking into Amazon for yourself and find the things you never actually knew you needed!


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