A Good Broker Should Provide Excellent Trading Tools


The information that your broker can provide goes well beyond execution. Granted, you want to make sure that your broker can provide you with fast execution from each trading platform. In addition, you want to make sure your broker has state of the art trading tools and a robust education portal.

Educational Portal

iFOREX provides traders with access to a wide variety of informative resources. This includes online trading tools that are suitable for all levels. The broker’s education portal is categorized into 7-different areas which include:

Trading Resources: This is a section that provides both novice and advanced articles on dozens of topics. The areas covered include everything from how to use a trading platform to the effect of interest rates on currency pairs. The trading resources section is split into both beginner and advanced topics for all levels of traders.

Trading Videos: These short-animated videos provide you with specific insights into the way traders can make money and the tools they need to protect their investments.

E-Books: iFOREX broker offers several e-books that are an in-depth look at trading. The topics covered include technical analysis studies such as moving averages, as well as a trader’s guide and common mistakes a trader might make.

Watch and Learn: This is a video platform that is an educational package that includes personal training from an iFOREX professional. The educational information is designed to educate customers on the financial markets, as well as the tools you will need to become a successful trader.

One on One personal training: This is a great way for a novice trader to learn about the capital markets and how to trade. Personal training might cover risk management techniques that can be used in forex trading, as well as, commodities, shares, indices and cryptocurrencies.

Trading Tools

iFOREX offers a free selection of trading tools that provide direct access to advanced trading charts and market indicators. The company has customized their charts which provide traders with a robust trading experience by allowing multiple time frame analysis and the ability to perform advanced technical analysis. These charts can help investors visually track currency price movements and analyze market trends. iFOREX offers a chart that has a history of each currency pair’s value which can be seen on a graph along with the current price movements.

Economic Calendar

iFOREX also offers an economic calendar. This information is displayed in a calendar format. The economic releases are displayed on the date (and time) they are scheduled to be released. The estimated market forecast is displayed along with the eventual actual release. You can then compare the actual release to the expected release. Since the expected release is what is priced into each security, the actual will go a long way in explaining any new market movements. This is a great way to follow the information that is likely to move the markets.



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