US President Donald Trump Called PM Narendra Modi For Visit This Year!


US President Donald Trump has invited India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit the United States later this year during a phone call on Tuesday , just 4 days after the Republican President took an oath as the 45th President of the United States. During the call , Trump said that the US considers India a true friend and partner in addressing various challenges around the world.

Donald Trump and Narendra Modi sicussed some of the economic and defence co – operations along with regional security issues and this makes Narendra Modi the 5th world leader President Donald Trump spoke to after coming to Office. This conversation took place at around 11.30pm IST that is at 1pm in Washington , US.

Not to forget that PM Narendra Modi had been one of the 1st leaders to congratulate President Donald Trump on his victory in the November Presidential Elections and during the inauguration last week. In a string of tweets , PM Modi had shown his keen interest in working with US President Donald Trump to “further deepen” the India – US ties and also to “realise the full potential of the bilateral cooperation.”

President Donald Trump’s ‘Buy American , Hire American’ Policy and the plans of clamping down on the H-1B Visas has caused uneasiness in the Indian IT Industry , but has been so far positive about India. During one of his Presidential Campaigns he mentioned that India as the only other country besides Israel , with which ehw ants to strengthen his bilateral ties.

Donald Trump also expressed personal admiration to PM Modi by calling him a “great man” , and also “very energetic in reforming bureaucracy in India.” Trump also said that he has “great confidence in India”. “Generations of the Indian & Hindu Americans have strengthened our country , the values of your hard work ,e ducation & enterprise have truly enriched our nation” said Donald Trump.

The US Markets account for half of the India’s 108 Billion IT Exports , hence making every year , 1000s of Indians visit the US to work with the H-1B Visas but with Trump being outspoken abou this issue , making US Companies to get skilled and cheap labour from other nations.

Before speaking to PM Narendra Modi , Donald Trump had a telephonic conversation with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu , Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El – Sisi and Mexican Premier Pena Nieto.


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