YORK Teen Threatens To Kill Police If They Stop Him From Joining ISIS


 Police have requested the  South Carolina’s juvenile parole board not to free a York County Teen who wanted to join ISIS because he “is a terrorist” who “planned to assassinate Americans,” including any police officers who got in his way.

On the 1st of Feb ie   Monday, York Police Lt. Rich Caddell told a four-member panel of the juvenile parole board about the  boy whose family is from Syria has revealed  his plan to go to the Raleigh, N.C., area with another man to rob a gun store, and the teenager  was ready to kill any police officers who tried to stop him.

Caddell said the boy is “very dangerous individual” as he asked the teen aged 17 years if he would have killed him, were the boy replied saying , “I like you, but if you would have tried to stop me I would have killed you,’

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The teen, whose name is kept secret from the media because of his age , has been in juvenile prison since April 2015 after he was found  guilty for gun possession with a sentence of prison up to age 21. He had his first parole hearing on Monday ie 1st of FEB after admitting to police after his arrest  that he wanted to join ISIS and plotted with an unnamed Muslim radical from North Carolina to rob a gun store in central North Carolina, then use the weapon to massacre American troops near Fort Bragg, N.C.

York Police Chief Andy Robinson bluntly told the board the teen “is a terrorist” who recruited for ISIS and “planned to assassinate American citizens.”“He is one of the scariest people I have ever come in contact with,” Robinson told the board Monday in a 15-minute hearing. “The FBI has confirmed this was a credible threat.”

The teen admitted he paid $400 for a handgun and rifle that he had in his possession when arrested by York police after they were tipped that the teen was boasting at school and on social media about joining ISIS. After York police raided the teen’s home, they found social media connecting him to ISIS, an ISIS flag, the weapons and other evidence that linked the teen to ISIS.

However, the FBI has declined to comment on the teen or the other alleged conspirator since the teen pleaded guilty in April.

The gun possession conviction carries a sentence up to age 21, but the teen’s sentence will reach the legal extent for that charge of 18 months in prison later this year, parole officials said Monday. Whether or not the teen is released this week, he likely will be released in 2016 unless the federal government gets involved with other charges.

The teen has accepted on Monday to have learned from his mistakes but did not mention ISIS or terrorism. He was not questioned about it by the parole board. In the parole board hearing, the teen stated that when he bought the guns, “I was not thinking the right way – I learned from my mistakes.” The teen claimed to have bought the guns for protection from burglaries in York, saying his father had died and he was the man of the house.

The teen’s lawyer, Tom Elliott, claimed that the teen has fulfilled his responsibility in juvenile prison and should be released, saying he hoped the parole board would not “rush to judgment” after police earlier in the hearing spoke about terrorism and a threat to the public if the teen is released.

The board will decide by Wednesday ie 3rd of FEB to free the teen or not. The teen, who went to York Comprehensive High School before his arrest, pleaded guilty only to a gun charge in South Carolina Family Court , despite an FBI interference to  continue its investigation into the plot, the United States and South Carolina have no criminal laws in place to deal with juveniles involved in terrorism.




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