SanDisk’s 400GB MicroSD Card – Price, Speed, and other specifications


SanDisk, a Western Digital Brand, has yet again pushed the limits of storage technology with the announcement of their 400GB MicroSD Card. The card offers premium Class 10 rated performance, with transfer speeds being as fast as 1,200 photos per minute.


The SanDisk Ultra MicroSD XC UHS-I 400GB will set you back $249.99 in the US, which is ₹16,000 in India.

Speed & Specifications

  • Storage – 400GB (372.5 GiB)
  • Transfer Speed – 100MB/s
  • Write Speed – 10MB/s  (at least)
  • Random Read IOPS – 1,500
  • Write IOPS – 500
  • Warranty – 10-year
  • Class 10 and Application Performance A1 Rating

The considerably large 400GB of storage can hold 40 hours of Full HD quality videos! SanDisk says it is the absolute perfect MicroSD Card for Phones, Tablets, and Cameras. The A1 technology is said to load apps considerably faster as well.




In conclusion, the MicroSD card is excellent for those who need lots of storage on their phones and tablets. Photographers absolutely love this beast, with the capability of storing 40 hours of Full HD video which is way more than enough.


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