How to prepare for a Skype Interview ?


It’s been a while since you started to send your resume, and finally here is the invitation for an interview. Congratulations! But it appears to be that you will meet your potential employer on Skype. That is a bit odd. At least, if you have never done it before. Actually, Skype interviews became a common practice for many companies looking for new staff. There is nothing difficult or unusual if you prepare a little bit. Here are few ideas on what you should do to impress your interviewer over Skype.

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Before the interview

Use a professional username and profile picture. Probably, you used a funny Skype name and a creepy picture when you were in high school and your classmates thought they were cool. Well, your potential employer might have a different opinion. Make sure those two look serious and make a good first impression!

Connect to the employer the day before the interview. This will give you additional time in case you can’t find their username.

Take care of the location and background. Your interviewer should see and hear you well, so you better avoid sitting in front of a window in a loud public place. Use a light background in a quiet place, preferably, at home. Also, make sure the place has a good internet connection.

Take care of the way you look. Having an online interview doesn’t mean that you can communicate in your pajamas. Wear those clothes you’d put on for a face-to-face interview. Also, wash and comb your hair. Ladies, some make-up won’t hurt either. Besides, a professional look will make you feel more confident and the potential employer will definitely notice that.

Check whether everything is working properly. A good idea is to get hold of a friend a day before to see how your camera and microphone are working or you can use shure sm48 microphone for better quality. Your friend should help you check whether everything looks good and that you are well-composed. Make adjustments, if something doesn’t look right.

Prepare notes. You can have your resume in front of you or a description of the job you are applying to with points of why you are the right person for the job.

Get rid of interruptions. Turn your cell phone off, close all notifications, chats with the writer whom you contacted with a question ‘Can you rewrite my plagiarized paper?’ and applications which make sounds on your computer. Close the door so that your dog doesn’t run in right in the middle of an interview. Nothing should bother you.

During the interview

Stare at your camera, not the bottom corner of your screen. An important thing is to establish eye contact with your interviewer. Your conversation will become more personal.

Watch your body language. Be relaxed, don’t wave your hands or shake your head too much. And smile!

Express your passion and motivation. Let your interlocutor know that you really want to work for their company.

Check whether your interviewer is engaged in the conversation. This is especially important during Skype interviews – you need to be sure that there are no technical problems and the interviewer hears each word you say.

Be calm, if something goes wrong. Tech can cause trouble. Your computer might freeze up or Internet connection might become slow. This is normal. Don’t be shy to ask to hang up and call again. You might even ask to re-schedule the interview, if possible. By doing so, you will also demonstrate your problem-solving skills which are already a plus.

Send a Thank You Letter After The Interview.

A follow-up is important to show your interviewer you appreciate their time and still want to get the job.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to have a successful online interview. Spend some time on preparation and relax. Of course, there are some nuances but in general, an interview over Skype is even easier than an in-person one – you are on your territory anyway.



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