Now win assured prizes worth Rs. 10 Lakhs: #HappensonHiPi



You read it absolutely right. 

Are you wondering how I made that possible to win?

Stop scratching your head now!

Let me share my secret with you…Shhh! 

It’s HPL.

HPL! What’s that?        

The HiPi Premier League, an exclusive curation of ZEE5. 

It is a  super entertaining platform with pumped up content that enables fans to join virtual fun of supporting their favorite teams. 

Ever thought of celebrating Cricket? 

Especially during CORONA times, where we are missing to joy to go out and cheer our teams! 

Not to worry, it #HappensOnHiPi. 


The IPL heat is at the peak. How could fans afford not to be with their favorite teams this time?

HiPi is at your rescue. 

Ah! Not from your girlfriend man:

Now, get your creativity charged. Support, cheer, and engage with your content and let the game heat up!

The #HiPiPremierLeague has been on air since 19th September 2020. 

Haven’t you joined the party yet?

Do it now!

zee 5 hipi

Who v/s Who?

How is a game possible without teams?

The HPL is a game of 60 matches in 53 days.

And it houses 8 teams lead by amazing influencers with their super entertaining content.

Check them out at

The teams represent a zone as the actual IPL team.  The rival teams are:

  1. Hyderabad Hippers
  2. Mumbai Mastis
  3. Delhi Dhoomers
  4. Rajasthan Rockstars
  5. Punjab Putters
  6. Chennai Swaggers
  7. Banglore Badshahs
  8. Kolkata Khiladis

My personal favorite is the Delhi Dhoomers. I just love pummi aunty aka Ssumier Pasricha !!!

I got the back of my team with my content. 

When are you planning to join the game?

The captains of the campaign and the leading gurus:

The #HiPiPremierLeague, led by well-known influencers.  

The names include:

  • Sugandha Mishra
  • Sanket Bhosle
  • Gaurav Gera
  • Ssumier Pasricha 

The gurus have already started the game and initiated to engage more and more creators to the team.

Who’s your favorite?

How to participate?

  • Download the HiPi app, a ZEE5 backed platform.
  • Select your team and follow your team captain.
  • Create short, funny, engaging, and exciting videos and help your team to win the lead.
  • Upload your video on HiPi by using the #your team name. 
  • For example, 

if you are supporting Punjab Putters,

Use #PunjabPutters while uploading your video and win the game.

  • Keep creating and earning likes to increase your chances to win. 

Hipi premier league

What do you get in RETURN?

Do we ever do anything ‘bs yuhi’?

Well, no. We don’t.

Don’t worry HPL won’t disappoint you!

HPL is here with some exciting prizes for you.


Create, engage, and win amazing gifts.

Win daily cash prizes up to Rs. 10 lakh 

hipi premier league by zee 5

What actually  #HappensonHiPi?

There’s a whole world of fun activities that include:

  • Fun Quizzes
  • Poles
  • Trivia
  • Exciting daily challenges
  • Creative entertaining content.

…A lot more to consume and have fun with!

Here’s how:

Create and upload and if you are amongst the ones with the maximum number of likes you can win the title of HiPiZen of the day or Week and claim some wonderful Awards.

And as Pammi Aunty aka Ssumier said, “Apni team nu sport Karo te onna nu jitao and make them win HorKi.”

That’s all you have to do.

Fill the void for real-world cricket by virtually supporting your favorite teams this time.

Let the game begin!


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