North Korea threatens to “sink” Japan


On Friday, North Korea threatened to “sink” Japanese islands with nuclear weapons, adding that “Japan is no longer needed to exist near us.”

North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Japan last Friday, its second in the past three weeks, and conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on 3rd September in defiance of international pressure. The Missile landed in the Pacific Ocean, about 1,370 miles east of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island.

South Korea responded within minutes by firing two ballistic missiles into the sea in a simulated strike on the North.

Amidst rising tension, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, urging the international community to take united action, said “Diplomacy and dialogue will not work with North Korea and concerted pressure by the entire international community is essential to tackle the threats posed by North Korea.The international community must remain united and enforce sanctions against North Korea after its repeated launch of ballistic missiles.”

US Ambassador Nikki Haley has said that the UN Security Council has run out of options on containing North Korea’s nuclear programme and the United States may have to turn the matter over to the Pentagon. In response to which, China said it “opposes” the test, but reiterated its call that “all parties” should exercise restraint.

China has urged the United States to refrain from making threats to North Korea. Asked about President Donald Trump’s warning last month that the North Korean threat to the United States will be met with “fire and fury,” Ambassador Haley said, “It was not an empty threat.”


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