The condition of online casinos in India: Future and Limitations


Online casinos have made a prominent mark in the world market. They are the new looked upon way of gambling due to the sheer convenience they possess. Playing at online casinos is as easy as using the computer device or mobile phone in your daily life. You don’t need to get dressed up, take your wallet and drive your way through the casino to play a casino game of your choice. You can do it by sitting at your home from your personal devices. Moreover, these casinos have no boundaries, unlike the land-based casinos that are restricted in several countries like India. 

Thus, the whole idea of an online casino in india is a boon for the interested gamblers in a country like India. If you want to know more about gambling and online casinos in India, you have landed at the right place. 

The count of online casinos

India is a country that has a long history of gambling in various games like Teen Patti, Card Games and Cricket. Today, there are more than a hundred online casinos that provide their services in India. Most of these casinos are operated and run by authorised bodies from the west. This list of online casinos consists of casinos that are new or have been in the field for quite some time no. Both types of casinos have their own benefits and therefore, there are several online casino review sites that help you find the right one for you. 

What does the law say?

The law of India states that gambling within the premise of the country is strictly prohibited and calls for legal actions. However, the point to be noted down here is that it only talks about land-based gambling. It doesn’t state anything about online gambling. Hence, any person who wants to try gambling in India, can gamble without any fears of breaking the law. The only states that has a specific law to prohibit online casino gambling within the state areas is Maharashtra. Make sure you move out of that state if you want to gamble so desperately. 

Scope for online gambling in India

As mentioned earlier, gambling is not new to the country. Even the epics of Mahabharata show the mention of gambling in games like Chaucer. Hence, people in India already have soft corner for gambling in India. The wait was to find the right platform for gambling. Now with online casinos serving in India, more and more people can get their hands on casino gambling without worrying about the laws and with utmost convenience. 

What does the future hold?

India has already entered the phase of getting services from the top online casinos of the world. These online casinos provide several features like sports betting, live casino and slot games. Hence, India is in no way behind the rest of the world. The development that is expected of online casinos in India is the same as the rest of the world – VR, AR casinos and legalization of online casinos in different states.


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