Current scenario for Gaming in India


The current pandemic has led to a large number of people working from home and spending more time with family. One of the things that was noticed recently was the uptake this has had on various businesses around the world.

Understandably, a number of businesses which required physical presence such as restaurants, movie halls, malls, factories, manufacturing have been shut, and have only been partially opened.

However, amongst all these business closures, there have been a lot of things that have seen a drastic increase in their sales. This includes work from home softwares, online payment methods, pharmacy and Instant Food sales and online data consumption.

One of the primary reasons leading to the drastic increase in data consumption has been online and mobile games which have seen massive fan following over the past few days. As per gaming news in India, there are several reports that focus a lot on the investments that have flowed in the gaming industry. Along with that, even globally a number of companies have tied up hands with esports.

One of the companies making huge leaps and bounds in the games industry has been Paytm first games. A collection of games ranging from the classic Ludo to the more advanced esports based games – they have entered into several agreements and partnerships with companies. They recently organized a Ludo tournament with prize amounts ranging to 10 Lakh rupees. Besides that, they have made investments into Rooter which creates a fan base of cricketers. Curated content has been steadily flowing on this recently formed company.

E-commerce giant Amazon recently launched Prime Games in India, which is free for all Prime subscribers in India. Amazon has been restricted to providing only essential e-commerce deliveries, and channels such as these keep it into the customers mind.

While Paytm first games went for a small prize amount of 10 lakhs, industry and international giant like Pokerstars has announced a prize series of 8.1 Crore Indian rupees for the players on its platform. Having recently been acquired by Flutter, Pokerstars has been in the market for 2 decades and knows the potential of this market.

Internationally, the players are not keeping quiet. They have been slowly and steadily building up the fan base and finding new ventures which could lead to profitability. A completely new segment of players emerged from game streaming platforms such as Twitch, Mixer and YouTube gaming. Facebook Games has also entered into the same domain. This opens yet another possibility for esports in India, as the fans for games such as CS:Go and Dota are in leaps and bounds in India.

While Counter Strike and League of Legends had a staunch base of hardcore gamers, a new generation emerged with the mobile classic Pubg. It became an instant hit and a rage with the players of all kinds in India. Soon, everyone was creating rooms for Pubg and playing with their friends – creating their own team. Once, the initial plethora started dying down, the game was revived with new maps and then further playing with money.

This is where a lot of competitions in India are going nowadays. Pubg is official conducting various tournaments for its global player base; and there are several multi player tournaments that have been scheduled to happen in India.

Looking at everything exciting that is happening in the world of esports and gaming in India, it sure is going to bring in a lot of attention and exciting times for the gamers in India.


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