Pornhub celebrates Diwali: The festival of light just got a million times brighter.


Today is Diwali the festival of lights warmth love and joy, the notorious website PornHub has found yet another way to garner the loyalty and support of millions of eager Indians who visit the website frequently. PornHub which is famous for unexpectedly celebrating a multitude of festivals has honored the festival of lights by lighting a colorful diya right on its scandalous homepage.

Pornhub Logo

PornHub is surely taking a step in the right direction as awe and surprise continues to grow as the diya illuminates the otherwise dark and orange hues and the already explicit thumbnails present on its homepage. When I visited the website early this morning(for research purposes of course ) I found the diya shining gracefully amidst the sinful display of skin and lust. I was pleasantly surprised but it was not at all unexpected from the website as a large number of Indians a re frequent visitors to the site.


The festival of lights continues to grow and influence even the west, so much that even president Trump honoured India by light a diya with pomp and splendour. Warmth and love to PornHub and a big Dhanyawad from all the Indians who saw the diya shining with all its might brandishing virtue and integrity in an ocean of vulgarity. Warmth and love can truly conquer all vices even if its only for a day. A very happy diwali to you all!

Article written by Sparsh Chawan


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