An At Home Boxing Workout for Women


Boxing workout for women allow you the opportunity to improve your fitness levels in every aspect.

With boxing workouts, you can gain much strength and speed, which is crucial when it comes to shedding weight and toning up.

You do not have to go to the gym to do boxing exercises, as you can manage them from home.

Studies show that you can burn up to 600 calories in one hour and at the same time be able to sculpt your legs, arms, shoulders, and core when doing boxing workout for women.

You are also able to train both the mind and body simultaneously because you have to master punch sequences, which require significant focus.

While training, you can also boost both your muscle and strength gains by using the fantastic steroid trenbolone acetate 100, thus allowing you to experience the trenbolone effect.

The following are some home boxing workouts for women:

Power punch Boxing Workout for Women

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, keeping one foot a little ahead of the other, and bend your knees a little.

Raise your fists, making sure one is in front of the other with both of your palms facing each other and keep your elbows close to your body.

This creates a boxing stance. Throw a punch with your back fist straight ahead of you, maintaining it at shoulder level.

Ensure that your torso is fully rotated so you can fully extend your arm.

Hit: left jab, right power punch, left uppercut

Stand with your left foot forward, holding some light weights in your hands, and with a slow pace, do all three punches in the order in which they appear.

Perform 12 reps. Put the weights away and then hit eight extra reps, pausing a little at the end of every uppercut, and then hit 16 reps in the quickest manner possible.

Switch the sides now, putting your right foot forward and then using your right hand to do the jabs and uppercuts while your left hand throws punches.

Lunge and squat

Stand with your left foot forward and then bend your knees to bring your body low. Bring your body downwards until your left thigh is almost parallel to the floor.

Return back to your original position. Perform eight reps at a slow pace and then move a few feet to the right, bending your knees to lower your body again, now with both of your thighs in a parallel formation to the ground.

Hit as many reps as you can manage and then switch sides, repeating the whole procedure.

Jump rope

Hold the rope in one of your hands and then hop from one side to another for around 10 seconds.

Now grab the handles of the rope with both hands and then jump rope 30 times. Repeat the entire procedure five times.

Single-leg squat

Stand keeping your feet shoulder-width apart and then lift your leg behind you.

Hinge your standing knee to lower your body as far as you can, ensuring your back leg does not touch the floor. Press through your heel to go back to your original position.

Perform four reps at a slow pace and then hit as many reps as you can within 30 seconds.

Switch legs and then do the procedure again.


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