Visa War between India and Pakistan


Visa tensions has arrived between the India and Pakistan despite of the fact that India has released many fisherman’s today to the way to Pakistan their home country on the eve of Eid. The month was very special for every muslim and Narendra Modi has made it much better with the release of fisherman. While India and Pakistan are still accusing each other for not giving visas to their diplomats.

India accuses Pakistan for not giving visas to their diplomatic missions and officials while Pakistan has accused India for the delay in clearance of visas for the Pakistani officers to visit India. “It is, unfortunately, the Indian side which links issuance of visa to everything else. Pakistan has recently issued several assignment visas to Indian officials going to Pakistan but none were issued by India for the Pakistani officials . Visas to our diplomats and officials including air and naval attaches are stuck with India now for many months,” Pakistani sources said.

The war has turned hot more because of the Eid eve, many Indian officials and many Pakistani Officials have to visit each other’s country for smooth issuance of visas for the residents of each others’ country. Many residents of the countries are from same family and thus they need to meet their relatives.

Counterfeiting the Pakistan’s allegations, India has stated that only five officials has denied the visa for India because of some National Security reasons. While India also stated that Yoga instructor has denied entry in Pakistan for the celebration of International Yoga Day in Pakistan which was organised by the Indian High commission in Islamabad. The visa war seems to be neverending without interface by any top official.


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