Pakistan's Retired Lieutenant-General Hamid (Hameed) Gul is no more


Pakistan’s Lieutenant-General Hamid Gul passes away, Hamid Gul was famous for his controversial statements on India and Indian Prime Minister. He has also made various disputed statements on Kashmir and Line of Control, The senior leader of Pakistan believes in violence and has claimed Kashmir and lifted up the fire several times between the two countries.

However, Lieutenant-General Hamid Gul have a huge local level following in Pakistan to because of his statements on Current Govt and his vision to develop Pakistan as the economic power.


Born on 20th November 1936, Lt Gen (Retd.) Hamid Gul served as Director General ISI from 1987 to 1989. Reportedly he was indulged in various attacks on Indian citizens.

Hamid Gul also was written as Hameed Gul was a senior leader of Pakistan and suffering from High Blood Pressure, Earlier in the day, Lt Gen Gul was shifted from a hospital in Murree to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Rawalpindi after his health condition worsened.

Later Doctors has announced his death due to brain hemorrhage.

The news is published with inputs from Pakistan Media House – The News




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