Vangaveeti Radha Movie First Look Unveiled By Ram Gopal Varma


Vangaveeti Radha Movie First Look:Ram Gopal Varma dared to make a biopic of Vangaveeti Radha who is one of the highly influential leaders representing Kapu Community in the 80s. Our Maverick Filmmaker is so quick that he unveiled the first look posters of the lead actor just few days after the official announcement.Just alike any of the protagonist in RGV’s films, ‘Reel’ Vangaveeti Radha is handsome and so intense. Pictures of him holding a cigar, lighter and coffer mug in his hand were pretty good. The one photo that resembles to that of ‘real’ Vangaveeti Radha is pleasing to watch.


RGV about Vangaveeti Radha: “Kammavaalla manasthatanni ardham chesukune thelivunnavalle arhatha vunna nijamaina kaapulani chepparu”.RGV won half the battle already by finding the perfect guy to reprise the role of Vangaveeti Radha. Fans of Radha have got a reason to celebrate now.

Vangaveeti Radha Movie First Look Unveiled By Ram Gopal Varma

Many people are eagerly waiting for the RGV upcoming movie Vangaveeti has created controversy. Promotions of this movie also happening with a wide controversy and it is creating more expectations on the film.

Controversial director Ramgopal Varma decision to make a movie on a late political leader Vangaveeti Ranga has sparked some intense arguments between RGV and Vangaveeti Radha who is the son of Vangaveeti Ranga.

Vangaveeti Radha previously criticized and warned RGV to not portray his father Ranga in an antagonist role for his upcoming movie. Radha also has been received very strong replay from RGV.

Now, RGV Upcoming Movie Vangaveeti first look poster has been released and it showed that Ram Gopal will definitely make this film. Movie traders told that Vangaveeti movie definitely will take Bezawada 20 years back.

We know that Ram Gopal Varma films always create a mess in the industry before and after the releasing. For getting information about the movie that how much mess is going to happen with this Vangaveeti.


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