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The Program English Movie Review : ‘The Program’ British-French biographical drama film about Lance Armstrong directed by Stephen Frears, starring Ben Foster as Armstrong and Chris O’Dowd as journalist David Walsh.Journalist David Walsh (Chris O’Dowd) of The Sunday Times investigates famed cyclist Lance Armstrong (Ben Foster) for doping. The film is based on Walsh’s book Seven Deadly Sins.Lets Check The Program English Movie Review, Rating & First Day Collections..

The Program English Movie Review & Story Details

Stephen Frears’s movie isn’t a straight remake of the documentary whose territory it shares, as is the case for an unusual number of Tiff titles this year. It’s an adaptation of David Walsh’s doping exposé, for which the Sunday Times journalist was, at the time, hauled over the coals. But unlike, say, Truth – a movie of Mary Mapes’s memoir about being dumped by CBS for a story she, too, struggled to prove – it doesn’t waste energy on endless vindication.

Ben Foster plays Armstrong:It’s also a comment on the creepiness of Armstrong himself, a man who evangelised for the sport of cycling with almost messianic zeal, while defrauding it quite literally from the inside. The two work hand in hand. The more uncanny Foster’s impersonation gets, the more repellent the figure we’re beholding. You just wish the jobbing Stephen Frears assignment around this star turn knew how to whet things to a point, or deliver the story with more novelty and kick.

The Program English Movie Story Details : We begin with Armstrong as a nobody, a rank outsider who catches the attention of Sunday Times journalist David Walsh (Chris O’Dowd) only because he looks to have a decent build for day-racing. The 21-day stamina test of the Tour de France looked, at that point, infinitely beyond him. Armstrong’s whole physique was essentially the wrong type to make him a natural champion. John Hodge’s script implies that his bout of testicular cancer was the game-changer, allowing him to redistribute his muscle mass in a near-Frankensteinian feat of reanimation. But still, as we know full well by now, it was not enough.

In previous roles Foster has made a name for himself through his search for authenticity: living on the streets of LA to understand being a homeless veteran in Rampart (2011) and eating handfuls of dirt on the set of the 2013 film Lone Survivor. Submitting to the drugs that fuelled Armstrong is another step entirely. ‘I felt there was a duty to tell a story as accurately as possible,’ he tells me shortly after the doping story has broken. ‘My way of doing that was to gather as much intelligence as I could.’

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