Judge Singh LLb Punjabi Movie Review Rating (3/5) & First Day Collections


Judge Singh LLb Punjabi Movie Review: Upcoming New Punjabi Film Judge Singh LLB is a riveting court room drama film.starring Ravinder Grewal, Chandan Prabhakar, BN Sharma and Sardar Joshi is out and it is first of its kind.the owner of Artha Film Studios and the director of the film said, “Judge Singh LLB is perhaps one of the most experimental yet commercial films in Punjabi cinema. The dialogues are realistic, the story will make you smile but keep you on the edge of your seat and most importantly, it has its heart in the right place


The trailer is made using some of the best scenes and generates curiosity about what the film will have in store for Punjabi film buffs. The trailer is indeed a work of great post production, technical excellence and slick editing.In order to protect his son and his reputation, a politician uses his influence to frame a middle class boy in a murder actually committed by his son.

Judge Singh LLb Punjabi Movie Review & Story Plot

The middle class boys mother is shocked, clueless and doesnt have enough money to hire a good and trustworthy lawyer. Through one of her acquaintances, they come across a lawyer who will take their case for free. Little do they know that the lawyer doesnt hold any experience but only a degree. This poses a challenge for the inexperienced lawyer who not only has to appear in court for the first time but also save the life of an innocent person.

This film will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout with its great situational comedy and poignant portrayal of the loopholes in the judicial system. Unisys Infosolutions has once again brought a holistic entertainer replete with great music and exceptional acting by the entire cast.

Ravinder Grewal, who plays the male lead in the film added, “It has been very challenging for me to play the character of Judge Singh. To do justice to this character, I have had to live as Judge Singh for the past three months. I have had to work on my style of speaking, body language and many other things. The shooting for the film was an amazing experience. Our team has been working very hard on this project and you can feel the positivity reflecting on the sets. The producers are working on creative ways of promoting the film as well.”

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