What? Ranbir Kapoor is secretly present on the social media! Watch him open about his life , breakup and career!!


Ranbir Kapoor , the young and talented Kapoor scion has been in the news recently for opening up about his breakup with his ex – girlfriend and beauty Katrina Kaif.

It actually came as a shock and less than as a surprise that he chose to divulge details of his private life and that too an extent and goes on saying “Katrina has been an inspirational entity in my life!”

“I cannot say I have broken up  as its all dear to me and I don’t think I need to say about this” he continues.

Everyone knows Ranbir Kapoor never uses social media to reach his fans and to keep others updated of what is he doing and where he has planned to go to spend his weekend. Watch him opening about his life in an interview with a senior journalist Rajeev Masand in the video below!

He is quite a shy guy but the confession he has made has really surprised us this time , he says “Yes I am present on social media. I secretly use it and no one knows which one is my actual social account!”

And you might be guessing , on which social media is he active? No , he is not on Facebook neither on Twitter! He says “I am on Instagram!”

He says “I do not like highlighting myself , I do not want to be in the limelight all the time. I have a private life and I respect my privacy and want others to respect that as well.”

He continues “I don’t like to tell the world what I am eating , how happy I look , what I am wearing and how great my body looks!”

He also clears the misconception of hating social world , by saying this “It is not like I completely hate the social world , it is world phenomenon , but I do not like dicing about anything , as getting too close is also disadvantageous”.

“I don’t like to make people know where I pee or how much salt I put in my food , it is such a nonsense thing!” he adds.

Ranbir , you are shocking us ! Right from your sharing intimate details about your breakup and now being secretly present on social media!

What more are you hiding from all of us?


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