Bigg Boss 11 24th November Episode 40 | Day 54 – PACKED With Drama


Bigg Boss 11 Episode 40 Full Episode | Day 54 | 24th November:

bigg boss 11 day 54

Bigg Boss is coming up with new twist and entertainment. Every day we all are seeing the new things. Though the things are not going pretty well as we all expected. Day 54 is also added another spark to the Bigg Boss series.

Bigg Boss 11 Day 54 – Episode 40

Thursday night was a significant momentous one post the extravagance spending assignment in the Bigg Boss 11 house. Bandgi Kalra and SapnaChoudhary’s question brought about the errand bombing on Thursday. The matter seriously turned quite serious. Housemate went into serious talk. It was not quite good to see all of them like this.

And because of all this, housemates haven’t received the luxury budget in a while. It is seriously amazing to have that kind of not-so-great performance so the housemate again do not have luxury budge.

It is seriously too sad to see all of them for not being able to get budget. It is hoping that Bigg Boss might present them the budget as a gift. During the court taks, Vikas and Hina both failed proving allegations on the opposition families. Though Vikas and Hina both played great and that is why it is being expected that Bigg Boss will grant them some points tonight to make the housemate happy.

In the most recent scene of Bigg Boss 11, the new captaincy undertaking was in advance. The last contenders who are left in the show are Hiten, Akash and Shilpa; Vikas and Arshi have been removed. It was dependent upon Puneesh to pick between Akash, Hiten and Shilpa.

Why Akash Dadlani Lost His Temper –

Akash implored him to pick his name, however Puneesh had been affected by Vikas and Shilpa. Puneesh avoided any risk, he didn’t partake and declined to dispense with anybody. Akash lashed out at Puneesh for selling out him, as they are great companions.

What Shilpa Did That Will Make You Fall In Love With Her –

Shilpa endeavored to retouch their fellowship and even consented to assume the entire fault upon herself, yet Akash had officially handed sharp and made devastation over the house by shouting and hollering at everyone. He went to the degree of saying that A-Cash is dead to everybody. He added that he has gone to the acknowledgment that he has no companions in the house.

Akash Caught Sleeping –

But do you know that Akash Dadlani was sleeping during the task? YES!!! It is true as the camera caught him while he was sleeping. And do not you know how it is going to affect the luxury budget. Moreover, the house is also going to witness a captaincy task tonight between HitenTejwani, Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan, Akash Dadlani and ShilpaShinde and it would be worth to watch.

Fight Between Arshi Khan And Priyank Turned Quite Ugly

The house saw battles between Arshi Khan and Priyank Sharma. Moreover, Akash Dadlani excessively lost his cool while he attempted him securing captaincy for himself. For the Bigg Boss lovers, Akash has always been a great source of entertainment but this time he is just full of anger.

Puneesh felt regretful and resentful about this issue. The more is all set to come up and you must stay tuned with Big Boss.


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