Bigg Boss 11, 17th December 2017 – Hiten Eviction Episode


Bigg Boss 11, 17th December 2017 – Hiten Eviction Episode – Sunday Weekend War Episode:


Bigg Boss Season 11 Sunday Weekend’s War Episode started with actor Salman Khan’s Fansu entry. Salman khan points out that never happened in the last 10 seasons of the Big Boss when the members of the house were given this opportunity to decide who to send home from outside. Actress Mauni Roy, who plays Nagin in Colors TV’s famous show ‘Nagin’, has entered the bigg boss house. Mauni plays a fun game for the members of the house, under which a grafted tree has been planted in the garden area of ​​the house. The fruit of anger, ego, and such evils are on this artificial tree. He calls different members of the house and asks them to tell which family member is the highest in the family.

HitenTejwani named Punish after asking the most anger in the house. When Shilpa Shinde is asked who is the most grasping? So Shilpashindetakes the name of Arshi Khan. After this, when Mauni Roy calls Punish and asks them to tell which is the most ego in them? On this he takes the name of Hina. However, instead of taking the name of Hina herself, Shilpa takes the name of Shinde for this blame. She says that if I ask her then I would like to say that the highest ego is in Shilpa Shinde. Arshi khan resists on this matter.

When asked about the name of the laziest members, Hina Khan takes Priyank’s name. However Priyank Sharma says that I accept this tag. After this, called Vikas Gupta, Mouni Roy asks that he should name the name of any member within whom the spirit of jealousy is very high. For this tag Vikas Gupta takes the name of Akash Dadlani. When Mauni Roy asks for the name of a member of the household for the tag of sentiment, Arshi, then she takes the name of Vikas Gupta. The last tag is ‘Kaam’ of lust, which all the members of the house meet and give to the Aaksh Dadlani.

After completion of the task, Mauni tells the members of the house that the Aaksh can do one thing to atone for their sins. This work will be done for the next few days to live a godly life. If he does not do this, then it will affect all the members of the house on the luxury budget. After this entire program, Salman Khan goes inside the house through a Mi-TV and talks with members of the house.

Salman Khan pulls both of his legs on the rising proximity between LoveTyageand Hina Khan. Love Tyagi and Hina are ashamed about this.Salman Khan also plays a game to the members of the house in which he asks Akash Dadlani and Arshi khan to tell the names of the households on the basis of the quality of the house.This time in the App Fish Caller of the Week calls the law from Benaras and asks that Punish should tell that before it seemed that he was playing behind the bandage and now it seems that he is playing behind Arshi khan are there. On this Punish says that I feel that when I play on the front foot some people are in trouble.

This time this time Tag Team match was played in the Big Boss Sultani field, in which Vikas – Arshi and Hina – Priyank had to clash.Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan’s team wins with good scores in this double tragedy match.Salman Khan tells the members of the house that this time we have given responsibility to the members of the Bigg Boss house to the elimination. He is giving 5-minute time to the members of the house to decide who they want to save and who want to homeless from home.

Actor Salman khan calls Hiten and Priyank Sharma out of the house outside the slide door near the gym.Salman Khan told the members of the house that Hiten and Priyank Sharma got the lowest votes. So one of these two will come out.All the members of the house decide to homeless HitenTejwani and Eliminate Priyank Sharma.


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