Bigg Boss 11, 18th December 2017 – Nomination Disscussion


Bigg Boss 11, 18th December 2017 – Nomination Disscussion:

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The Big Boss 11 starts with the vikash Gupta, Priyank Sharmaa helps him for the first aid. Hina Khan told Priyank Sharma that she was talking about vikash Gupta. Hina Khan warned Priyank Sharma to be aware of vikash Gupta and said that she is trying to make things well between them, because Hiten Tejwani. Punish tell Shilpa Shinde about Priyank Sharma and vikash Gupta and how the vikash Gupta with Priyank Sharmaa is making a re-relation. Shilpa Shinde becomes emotional due to Hiten Tejwani. Vikash Gupta and Punish discusses enrollment in their code terms. Punish says, “After this game, they go to Hong Kong (mean Hina Khan) and bring the Akash Dadlani”, which means they want to nominate Hina Khan and Akash for nomination.

Punish suggested to ask vikash Gupta about this too soon.Arshi Khan spoke to Lavasa about nomination and asked Hina Khan and Akash to nominate them.Shilpa Shinde, Punish and Love Code talk about enrollment in the words.The AkashDadlani is against its punishment and refuses to sleep on the floor.AkashDadlani goes to the kitchen and starts eating for it. Hina Khan tries to stop the AkashDadlani with Arshi. Arshi Khan tried to persuade PriyankSharmaa to nominate Hina Khan and said that she wants to eat crab (AkashDadlani) in Hong Kong (Hina Khan).PriyankSharmaa asks Arshi Khan what is Hong Kong and says she is interested in crab.PriyankSharmaa tells Hina Khan that everyone is talking about Hong Kong and Kekra, it means they were talking about HH-Hina KhanKhan and Akash.

PriyankSharmaa tells Hina Khan that she is very disappointed with Love because she is planning against Shilpa and Pune. Hina Khan tells Priyank Sharma that due to a mistake Love changed her friendship with him. Punish has asked who is going to nominate – Hong Kong (Hina Khan) and muscles (PriyankSharmaa) or Bhajja buffalo (vikash Gupta) and Nagin (Arshi Khan)?Love says that she looked at the true colors of Hina Khan and PriyankSharmaa, and she got upset with them. Punish tells Shilpa that everyone agrees to eat crab (AkashDadlani).PriyankSharmaa was asked to make an agreement, in which they did not fight in the coming weeks.Shilpa and Love discuss and talk about PriyankSharmaa’s friendship. PriyankSharmaa tells Arshi Khan about her deal with vikash Gupta.Vikas and PriyankSharmaa kissed Arshi Khan.

Hina Khan tells Priyank Sharma that Shilpa is feeling restless because she does not have the duty of kitchen.PriyankSharmaa agrees with Hina Khan and says that it was a stress buster for her. Arshi Khan swore that she will eat crabs in Hong Kong.Love says that she is certain about but not about Hong Kong.Arshi Khan discussed about enrollment with vikash Gupta.Love asks Akash to nominate Punish because he is going to nominate them.Love says that she is upset with Hina Khan because she did not come and apologize for that.PriyankSharmaa says that both of them feel that this is not a big issue.PriyankSharmaa shares with Hina Khan in conversation with Love and tells Hina Khan that Lou is upset because she did not ask for an apology.

Hina Khan says that what Love did not do in front of Love Sarin. That’s why she is not going to apologize to her now.The Big Boss shows everyone the clips in which they were discussing enrollment and asked them to enjoy their vacation in Hong Kong.Big boss nominates everyone except Hina Khan and punishes them. Hina Khan shouted in excitement and said that she is safe and she is asking everyone to discuss enrollment.The Akash Dadlani gets annoyed and says that he does not trust anyone in the show. Akash tells Puneesh that Love had refused to nominate Punish in expulsion.While working in the kitchen, Arshi Khan tries to explain to the Akash Dadlani that she is not giving her nomination. Whether the Akash Dadlani has asked Arshi Khan to shut her mouth or not, she will leave the kitchen and she will have to work alone.


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