“WhyDid You Kill My Father?” Asks 12-Year-Old Daughter Of BJP Activist


    This is the viral question being asked by an innocent 12-year-old daughter (Vismaya) of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) activist Mullapram Ezhuthan Santhosh, 52, who was murdered by goons from the ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist) in January. He was hacked inside his home in Kannur in January.

    Tongue-tied, Vismaya communicates her powerful message through placards in a video recording inspired by Delhi student Gurmehar Kaur’s posts. Vismaya reveals the misery of other families who have been going through a similar loss in Kannur as a part of Left’s vendetta politics.

    My name is Vismaya. 12 year old. I am a class 8 student. I dream of becoming an IPS officer to serve my poor villagers. My father wanted to fulfil my dreams. His only mistake was he supported RSS and BJP. I see only darkness in my future. They murdered not just my dad but my dreams and future. I see only darkness, a complete darkness. I am not yet answered why they killed my father.read her placards in the youtube video.

    Sources reveal that the police estimates more than 100 deaths since 1991 in Kannur. 42 activists of the ruling CPM and 41 of the BJP have reportedly been killed in 26 years.

    Since the new left-led LDF government came to power in 2016, four BJP activists and three CPM activists have been killed.

    All those ‘liberal’ & ‘progressive’ student organisations of the Left have chosen to maintain silence on this matter yet, although they have stood beside Gurmehar Kaur.

    The video has got 2,500 retweets and 1,500 likes.

    With a Communist government in power, it is feared that the trigger-person of the crimes like this, might go free once again.


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