Helpful Tips for Buying an Air Purifier for The First Time


Helpful Tips for Buying an Air Purifier for The First Time:

Air Purifier

With the constant and rapid increase of pollutants in the air, today air purifier shave become a need. Buying an air purifier for home is no different from buying an air conditioner or a water purifier. The quality of air is deteriorating,and people need to take active measure to contain the problem. If you are a first-time buyer, here are some things that you need to know before buying an air purifier.

Helpful Tips when Buying an Air Purifier:

  1. Consider the Room Size

People buying an air purifier for the first time often make the mistake of not considering the size of the room where the air purifier will be used. If your room is too large for an air purifier,it will not work effectively,rendering your purchase useless. There are several air purifiers on the market that are designed to work in rooms of allsizes. Before you begin your search for the best air purifier in India, make sure you measure the dimensions of your room. If you usea large air purifier in asmallroom, it will be overkill. So, get the dimensions of your room right.

  1. Consider the Technology

Air purifiers are available with different technologies. With technology, we mean the type of air filter that is used inside the air purifier. HEPA –High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor is the industry standard for air purifiers. HEPA air filters are designed to remove even the minutest of air pollutants such as mould, pollen, dust, smoke and others.When looking for an air purifier, make sure you sort out the ones with HEPA technology for maximum effectiveness.

  1. How much is theClean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)?

Now for people who do not know about air purifiers, all these terms can be a little confusing. However, it is essential to understand these terms to know your product. Every air purifier has a CADR which is the Clean Air Delivery Rate – a performance indicator for air purifiers. CADR refers to the amount of air an air purifier can clean and is measured in m3/h. Though air purifiers with high CADR are preferred, it also depends on the pollution levels.Air purifiers from leading healthcare brand like KENT have a high CADR for the room size they are designed. For instance, KENT Alps is amongest the best air purifier in India with a CADR of 400m3/h. It is designed to work efficiently and is the preferred choice for Indian environment.

  1. Consider an Air Purifier that Also Removes Odor

Pollutants and lousyodour go hand in hand. If you live in an area where contaminantsare on the higher side, it is natural to be surrounded by afoulodour. Air purifiers use all kinds of technology, and buying one with an activated carbon filter will ensure that the foulsmellis eliminated along with the pollutants. An activated carbon filter will keep the room fresh for long period of time.

  1. Make sure the air purifier is on the silent side

Most buyers will not take noise into account, but it is essential to consider this as a parameter for your purchase. Noisy air purifiers will disrupt the sleep making the family members irritated. Consider an air purifier which makes less noise,and it will make a difference.

  1. What else do you need?

Air purifiers are designed with various features to improve the user experience. If you have children at home, you need an air purifier with child-lock technology to ensure that there is nounnecessarymeddling with the device. If you require convenience, consider an air purifier with auto-turn off feature which turns off the device after a specified time.

The tips mentioned above will help you decide the air purifier you need to buy for your home. If you need a value-for-money proposition, consider these tips for an informed buying decision. With the rise of air pollution in India, it is now necessary to buy an air purifier that helps to protect the health of your family. Breathe clean and breathe safely!


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