The Most Exciting Cricket Rivalries Ever


Over the years a lot has changed about the game, but one thing remains true players are driven by a passion that makes for great cricket games, and some of the most exciting rivalries ever.

Cricket can bring a whole country together against a singular competitor, it can paralyze a city in hopes of a win, something like that is the result of an imposing rivalry, a challenge to be remembered, the most significant win.

Here are the main actors, the origins of the great cricket rivalries to be discovered, enjoyed, and followed in the future:

The Most Exciting Cricket Rivalries Ever

India vs Pakistan

It is one of the most exciting cricket rivalries ever and one of the biggest in all sports competitions, drawing in huge fan bases for every game.

The rivalry has its origin in historical events, conflicts between the two neighboring nations that rose after they separated from one country into two, and while differences remain the bond of cricket also stands.

Cricket has been a form of release for the tensions, as each nation gathers to support and champion their team. It has also served as a diplomatic tool to bring India and Pakistan closer because no one can deny the allure of a great cricket game.

It is a game to keep your eye out for, you can follow on live cricket match score, and cheer along with the almost 300 million people who also tune in to the game from all over the world.

The Ashes

What began as a Test cricket series played between England and Australia has become one of the most recognized rivalries in the sport.

The name originated when after the 1882 Australian victory over England, The Sporting Times, published an obituary declaring that English cricket had died “the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia”, a bit harsh but definitely unforgettable statement.

The Ashes consist of five tests, hosted by both England and Australia, each taking a turn every two years. So far there have been 71 Ashes: 33 won by Australia, 32 by England, and 6 draws.

The theme of the competition has carried out so far that they even give out an urn as the unofficial trophy for the winner.

Australia vs South Africa

These two nations seem to be bitter rivals in almost all competitions, from cricket to rugby, it seems that when they face each other the heat gets turned up a notch.

The team from down under established dominance for a few years by producing stellar teams that just reigned over other nations.

It was the South African team that was the first in 16 years to win again them in a home game back in 2008-09, an amazing feat for any team and that feed the rivalry even more.

The top vs everyone else

It’s not easy being number 1, especially in sports. Getting to the top means the team’s hard work has paid off but it also means watch out because the rest of the pack is going to be after you.

Cricket like very other competition ranks its teams, an accomplishment that comes with a target on your back.

That’s part of what makes staying number 1 so difficult, teams that tie or hold against a number 1 celebrate like they’ve won a championship, and it gives extra incentive when they go out into the game.

Rivalries up the game

They make cricket better, keeping it interesting, fresh, and alive. They are, at the end of the day, a reflection of passion, that if used positively they can actually bring people even closer together.


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