Anand L Rai Talking on his Birthday of getting back into Direction after Raksha Bandhan


Film Maker Anand L Rai celebrated his birthday on 28th June 2023 with his family and friends.

Getting Back into Directing Movies

The Director of Raksha Bandar movie spoke to media stating that he knows his intentions were right and he is expected to direct Dhanush for his upcoming movie “Tere Ishq Main”. He also stated that the box office collections doesn’t really impact his film choices or choosing scripts.

Anand L Rai believed that celebrations are very personal and like to celebrate only with his family and very close friends without making any big party plans.

Change of Audience Preferance

Rai admits that constant change in the audience’s preference have kept everyone on their toes when It comes to Film Making.

Every Decade there is a shift in preference of people and the actors or the stories they like or dislike. As a Film Maker, one will always face such things and always one shoot grow from their past experience and focus on doing better work day by day.

The Director gave the example of the movie, Tanu weds Manu Returns which got everything right and the actor Dhanush was loved for his acting in the movie Raanjhana.

Colab with Dhanush for an Up-Coming Movie

Rai is collaborating with Dhanush for his upcoming movie There Ishq Main. This will be their third movie together. The have earlier worked in Atrangi Re and Raanjhana together. The Director Expressed that Dhanush is a very punctual and a dedicated actor.

Self Motivation is the Key

Anand L Rai shared that even though hid movie Raksha Bhandan did not do very well on the box office despite having a strong story and good start cast of Akshay Kumar, he doesn’t deviate from his path and keeps him self motivated to do better job next time.

He is 52 years old and says that he is still learning and growing with time into his habits and thought process of making films. He shared that its ok if sometimes your thesis may not get everything right, sometimes a failure is what you need to get the Next Big Hit.


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