India Celebrating 76th Independence Day on 15th August 2023


India is entering its 77th year of independence on 15th August 2023 (Tuesday) which means it has completed 76 years of independence since 15th August 1947.

Marked as the revolution of the country, India has evolved more than anticipated growth and has got reformes for the welfare of all parts of the society.

Reforms Post Independence

76th Independence day 2023

I take this opportunity on our Independance day to discuss few reforms and changes which has led to growth and security and citizens of the country have also evolved with time. Today , we stand and celebrate the independence of our beloved country “India” called as “Bharat” in hindi and have the zeal to proudly tell that I am a citizen of a country where we have modernization and culture walking hand in hand and sharing the same smile of a proud Indian.

Har Ghar Tirange

  • The Country’s GDP has increased by 4000% since independence.
  • India’s FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) has increased around 65% in the last 10 years.
  • baby steps taken towards education has made sure that we have schools in every villlage where even walkin was not a posibility due to the nature of the approach roads.
  • Tallking about insfrasturcture, we have built 599 National Highways , 50151 km roads have been built to make the comute easier for the remote areas.
  • India has managed to expand a wide network of ports, airports, railway stations and local public transport system.
  • The Living Standards of the citizens have improved in all states.
  • India is known to have the 3rd largest army in the world.
  • In entertainment sector as well, India is known to produce 2000 movies every year.

Proud not for just a day! Har Ghar Tiranga Movement!

Independence Day

The governemnt of the country has launched the Har Ghar Tiranga Movement where irrespective of the caste, creed, woek, class , anything, we all are one, and our hearts beat for our proud nation India.

15th August

Har Ghar Tiranga Movement signifies the togetherness and the positive diversity the country carries and making sure that, we are hsoting the Flag at each and every household and not just in schools, educational institutions and governemnt offices, it is for each and everyone hosting the flag at home, at the balcony, at the terrace and paying respect to the country.



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