Latest Update : Chandrayan 3 Landed Succesfully on the Moon, Making it a Remarkable History for India


On 23rd August 2023 at 6:04 pm, Chandrayan 3 landed the surface of the moon making it an historical day India. We are the only country who has landed on the Lunar South Pole of the moon.

In the Morning of August 23, we saw prayers offered at multiple places of worship for the succesful landing of The Chandrayan 3 and here we have all the prayers were heard by god and India ‘s Chandrayan 3 landed succesfully making it enter the elite club of countries to have achieved the soft landing on the moon.

Vikran Lander from Chandrayan 3 landed exactly as planned and the whole country is proud and there is a ray of celebration across the country.

Not just India but other countries have also paid their congratulations for the success of India. Proud Prime Minister attended the landing live from South Africa where he was attending the Brics Summit.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Speech

chandrayan 3 and prime minister modi

After the successful landing, Prime Minister’s first words were, “India is now on the Moon”.

PM Modi added that we have reached where no other country could, its a joyous occassion for all of us.

ISRO chief Sredhara Panicker Somanath said that this successful landing of Chandrayan 3 is not just the success of the us alone but all the scientist in ISRO working from generations.

Russia also had launched Luna-25 to land on the surface of the moon few days before Chandrayan 3’s landing but Luna -25 exploded after crashing with the surface of the moon.

Surface of Moon’s South Pole

The surface of Moon’s Kunar South pole is very uneven and has lots of craters and boulders hence making it very unsafe for landiing. That is the reason till now, no one was able to land on the south pole of the moon but guess what India could and this makes us very proud today and for the coming generations ahead.

Chandrayan 3 has sent its first photo of the moon. The findings and photos sent by Chandrayan 3 can help us in every manner to understand the posibility of frozen Ice which could be a posibility of water which can lead to support human habitation.


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