5 Must Known Combinations of Office Wear for Women


Style Statement has always been our thing and going to office and look fashionable is a must. Now how to look presentable without mutch hustl because after all its the limited time where one needs to get ready. Worry No More, we are here for you. Lets look at the list of few Office wear must haves:-

  • White Shear Shirt:- One needs to make a statement with an iconic look then an white shear shirt is a must for a women, can be styles with multiple colour blazer or wearing it just with a trouser and a small thin neckpeace will not only enhance your look but will also give a comanding apeal.
  • Black Trousers :- Another must have is the black trouser, these are the go-to pants of almost everything. One needs to attend a meeting, visit an important client, need to style it with a blazer or just any top or shirt, black trouser goes with everything. Well in case you have a party to attend after your office, then as well these black trousers help you look remarkable.

  • Green Skivi Top :- One spectacular look is a green skivi top with beige trousers. You wear that to the office and steal the show like never before. After all, everyone needs that I am going to win the world outfit someday.

  • Blue Business Suit :- Grey and Black are out of touch now, well you can say evey business women owns a black or a grey business suit but Blue is the New Black. Get the Navy or a Royal Blue Splended business suit and look Astonishing in your office.
  • Black and Grey check:- Not getting for a meeing but for everyday office wear, a black and grey check shirt with a stunning high waist pants steals the look of the day from everyone when you walk into the room.

Style yourself for looking happy from inside so never forget to carry your simle otherwise, any outfit will be a misfit and with a spectacular smile and a peacful mind, all the outfits will look out of the world everyday.


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