UAE on Alert: Severe Thunderstorms and Heavy Rainfall Batter Dubai, Safety Advisory Issued


flood in dubai UAE

Downpower happening in dubai, there is a massive flood in certain parts of dubai due to heavy unexpected rains.

Usually the country is known to have artificial planned rains to maintain their atmosphere and temperature but this time, certain parts of the country faced immense natural rainfall causing lots of flood and stupendous clogging of the roads.

Deploying Machinery & Solutions in a Struggle Against Flood in Dubai

Major machinery was brought to remove the water logging but nothing seemed to work leaving the country under floods for multiple days. The Impact of the floods has been very bad leaving the commute to offices at stake, people were asked to do work from home or take a leave as there was no other choice.

flood in dubai, pumping water from roads

Dubai, the most visited tourist destination in the gulf, it seems very unexpected to not have that kind of drainage facility for the rainfall. In fact , after two days the water logging was taken under control which is very unusual for a country with a stable ecosystem.

Dubai’s Unforeseen November Deluge

People went under trauma of floods which was least expected in dubai and also the normal rainfall in dubai happens from January to March in the form of small downpours and it rains for only 25 days in a year making february the most expected rainfall month with an average rainfall of 35mm but the same was naturally seen in the month of November which is unusual.

Praying that there is no huge loss due to the rainfall and all the people are safe and able to commute in a normal fashion.


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