The Rajan Dental Center in Chennai India Wins Best New Dental Care Award


Nowadays, entering a dental practice is a completely different experience than in the past. New technologies have introduced rapid progress in the diagnosis and treatment of dental conditions. The best new dentist office award for 2019 has gone to The Rajan  Dental Center located off of Rajan Road. 

In the past, having dental problems triggered a state of anxiety and fear. This was due to the techniques and tools used at the time. Thankfully, at the Rajan Dental Center Chennai India, you will discover new technologies that make diagnosis and treatment a breeze.

Rajan Dental Center located at Dr. B.P. Rajan Road, Uthandi, ECR, Chennai – 600119 India offers a wide array of services. These include:

– The removal of wisdom teeth 

– Teeth whitening

– Gum treatment

– Cosmetic dentistry

– Hygienist services

– Dental crowns

– Dental veneers

– Root canal treatment

High-end Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

With cosmetic dentistry techniques, it is possible to mask misaligned, small, chipped or discolored teeth quickly and inexpensively with a non-invasive approach that allows stable results. 

The use of specially-designed ceramics allows dentists at the Rajan Dental Center to perform aesthetic rehabilitation. Ceramic veneers are used for teeth that are malformed, fractured, worn, discolored and teeth with increased spaces (diastemas).

Dental Crowns

Do you have damaged teeth that compromise your chewing but you do not want to take them off? Dental crowns are the ideal solution for you. Dental crowns are prostheses that cover damaged, broken, or otherwise compromised teeth strengthening them to guarantee their functionality.

They are applied when the tooth is damaged but not removed. In this way, its functionality is saved and recovered. The tooth, however, must be filed to create space to insert the crown. In addition to their main function of strengthening the tooth, they also perform an excellent aesthetic function. Through current techniques and materials, it is possible to make crowns identical to real teeth.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are coatings that cover imperfections caused by bad chewing and poor oral hygiene. At Rajan Dental Center, we use veneers to deal with crooked,o yellowed or disproportionate teeth.

The use of veneers on the teeth for the correction of dental defects is part of aesthetic dentistry. The dental veneer can be ceramic or porcelain and it is an intervention that eliminates the need for more extreme and expensive solutions, such as dental implants.

The latest veneer design is characterized by thin layers of porcelain or ceramic that are placed on the tooth, previously prepared, and attached with special glues and resins. These facets, therefore, are a purely aesthetic treatment that serves to mask the defects and imperfections of the dental arches, maintaining the effect for over 10 years. 

Root-Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is aimed at saving a compromised tooth, typically due to tooth decay. The procedure involves the removal of tissue inside the roots and crown of a tooth. The treatment is made painless by the use of local anesthesia, which allows the dentist at the Rajan Dental Center Chennai India to remove the canal pulp without causing any disturbance to the patient. 

The session continues with the shaping of the channels located within the root and their filling with a biocompatible plastic material. The treatment ends with a temporary filling, which precedes the actual reconstruction of the tooth. The tooth is subsequently restored to ensure that it is completely functional and aesthetically similar to the other teeth.

Gum Treatment

Gingival bleeding is caused by the bacterial plaque that accumulates on the surfaces of the teeth and in the spaces between the teeth. If these bacteria are not removed by regular brushing and flossing, they can irritate the gums and redden them causing them to swell and bleed. These are all initial symptoms of a gum disorder known as gingivitis.

If these signs of gum disease are not treated, small pockets may develop between the teeth and gums. The gradual increase in the depth of these pockets can eventually lead to periodontitis, which is a severe form of gum disease. Thankfully, dentists at the Rajan Dental Center right here in Chennai can provide a solution that everyone beautiful smile deserves. Call now at 86109-26759


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