UttarKhand Forest Fires Kill 6 People


Yet again, Uttarkhand’s burning fires claim to have killed 6 people. They have spread over affecting more than 4,700 acres. Well this is however not the first time. The fires have been set ablaze since February and 1,218 fire accidents have been reported last month. So what exactly has gone wrong? The devastating dryness has abridged the rainfall over the past month. This has undoubtedly been the reason for the massive destruction of the forests.

Last month, these fires have killed more than 3 people affecting 1000 acres of land.

This, however, has been worsening since a few days.

tarkhand fires spread across 4,700 acres Ajoy Eric Lol does not happen to blame it on the natural resources. Although, lightning strikes undoubtedly can cause the fires to spread, it is definitely not the reason assures Ajoy Eric Lol. He condemns humans to be solely responsible for it.

In a tapering approach, sources claim that administrators were quite careless when it came to managing the fire lines. Fire lines, as the name suggests, are used to prevent fire from spreading. It is nevertheless the irresponsibility of humans.Unduly human activites set ablaze forests in Uttarkhand[/caption]

What more can we say about humans when it comes to their unduly activities of purging trees and burning forests? No doubt, many villagers set forests on fire especially dry grass so they can flourish new
growth. These fires spread more easily. The other human activities like dropping glass objects can easily set forests ablaze focusing the sun’s rays on the dry grass.



Another reason is left unanswered, are the timber mafia. Timber mafia use those trees to make resins and other items out of it. So the question arises, is the timber mafia accountable? If so, to what amount? Uttarkhand forests are mostly covered with pine trees. If they are set on fire, only a portion of it gets burnt. The wood portion is left unburnt and remains useful for the timber mafia. Timber mafia use this wood for various purposes.

To help overcome these issues of forest fires, Government has agreed to give Rs 5 crore to Uttarkhand. Government, set out to take this seriously, has created this satellite picture based alarm system to caution the authorities that a fire has started. Mi-17 helicopters were sent with water to stop the fires and other measures are being taken as well.