Pakistan ahead of buying 8 Chinese Submarine


After the visit of Chinese President to Pakistan, Pakistan is possibly ahead to buy 8 chinese submarines which comes with a tag ‘Made in China’. Pakistan Navy had left behind before the support of Chinese govt. After the last visit of Chinese President to Pakistan’s Land for getting clean route for Petroleum products by the way of Pakistan, Pakistan is getting many fringe benefits from China. One of the most benefited area shall be Submarine in Pakistan with the help of China.

According to the report published in Pakistan news channels, Ishaq Dar and Xu Ziqin has contracted on agreement to buy the cluster of 8 Submarines for Pakistan. Its also said that the deal will also need the approval of High authorities from China before finalising the contract, as being despite the friend country. According to the information gathered by The Indian Talks, Pakistan is going to make the payment in 4 installments for Chinese Submarines.

According to the statement released by Pakistan Ministry ‘ The CSOC (China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Company Limited)  delegation to Pakistan would strengthen bilateral economic and defence cooperation between the two countries.

The total deal price of chinese submarines will amount to  $4 billion to $5 billion according to the reports and Chinese Delegation may also visit Pakistan for understanding the possible customisations in the submarines. Yuan-class Type-041 diesel-electric are expected to dealt among the two nations in this deal.



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